The All Father

The All-Father appears as a 'Man of the Mountains', similar to his sister 'Miluna', but in truth the twins are in fact demigods, born of the designs of 'Lady Phoebe' through a human vessel that was 'Irah', a Wrotan that died in childbirth.

Both 'the All-Father' and 'Miluna' fought alongside 'The Elemental Union' during 'The Sum of All Things' when 'Lord Math' threatened to destroy everything. Since then, the path of the siblings have separated.

While Miluna has cavorted and taken charge of 'The Werewolves', 'The All-Father' has taken up the challenge of leading the Men of the Mountains and turning them away from the domination of the Werewolves, following the ways of 'The God of War'; this has of course led to friction and the threat of war between 'The All-Father' and his sister, 'Miluna'.

The arrival of 'Mars' has as yet to be fully realised, but the small kingdom 'The All-Father' is carving out in the Savage Mountains, and the support he is gaining, is a thing to watch as it develops. He is based at Wayfare Village, and his rule extends to Broken Quay, the land in between is called 'The Reaches', comprised of many isolated or small settlements loyal to their leader.

In the second Year of the Age of Dragons, as Miluna started her schemes and sent her son, Marcellus in command of her armies, Marcellus fought and killed the All-Father. This activated a prophecy foretold of the twins - as the Men of the Mountains mourned the loss of their leader, as Marcellus celebrated and anticipated the slaughter of the people loyal to the All-Father, the All-Father was resurrected as a Man, even as back in her lair, Miluna was turned into a Giant Dire Wolf; subsequently, the all-Father rallied his forces and with some additional aid, took the fight to Marcellus, and defeated him, and in this act, inspired the current exodus of Men of the Mountains rising up and leaving the dominion of the Werewolves.

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