The Angmori

The Angmori are the Sea-Dwarves, dwellers in the depths of the oceans of Urutau, centered in the Angmori Colonies. Like many of the dwarven races they lack a capacity to wield magic, but have a skill for crafting coral and bending it to their will and this marks the strength of their colonies and their sub-aquatic vehicles which give them a great strategic strength for the Elemental Union and one of the fears for the Agents of the Void.

One thing the Angmori can take pride in, is their ceaseless commitment to doing right and standing against the void.


History: Early in the Age of Air, the Angmori settled their colonies and decided, after encountering members of House Tremaine of the Morigena, to remain vigilant against factions between the Morigena and the dangers they possessed to the other seafaring races. By remaining secular, they kept their achievements secret and rather than embracing ‘top-side’ seafaring, they mastered the sea beneath the waves. In time this would serve them and the Elemental Union well, for they could do what others could not.

During the Age of the Void, the Angmori allied with the Feymori and were able to undermine a lot of the Fomori naval activities. They also maintained a relationship with the surviving ‘True Morigena’ who despite their numbers being few, fought to defeat the enemy.

As the Age of Fire started, the Angmori were offered membership to the Wrotan Republic, but they declined. Instead, they chose to return to their insular lives, but always keeping a vigilant watch over the sea, which they maintain to this day…

Physical Characteristics: The Angmori are a Dwarven race and are thus shorter than the average human. They have a green tint to their skin and pointed ears and are always bearded. They rarely wear military style clothing or armour, favouring comfortable tunics adorned with jewellery fashioned from their underwater environment.

Culture: This Dwarven race of Water live in underwater communities following a clan structure, with a localised region being led by a King or Queen; the monarch in turn is supported by variable nobles, traders and engineers who make up a council of representatives. The Angmori are a secretive people who rarely surface above the waves, they keep themselves to themselves for the greater part of their time, committed to their own goals and tasks; rumour suggests they searched ever constantly for Lord Morian in strangely constructed ships that move underwater, sightings are not commonly reported of these vehicles.

The Angmori are not natural water dwellers however and do need air to breathe, their cities are closed environments within which their engineers circulate air and keep out the waters of the world and manage the pressure of the oceans; They are not loved by the Fomori for they do not share their wisdom and inventions and the sea-faring crafts of the Angmori are capable of undermining the fleets of the chosen race.

Racial Advantage: The Angmori has a form of ‘Mundane’ water manipulation, which they use to shape and create their societies and vessels, it is not as powerful as the abilities of Mages, or the Morigena, but it serves them well enough.

Racial Disadvantage: The level of water manipulation possessed by the Angmori may never be used for anything other then shaping and creating objects, it has no use for quick active use in combat or elsewhere like the Morigena ability. They may not learn Magic.

Notes: In some of the concept for the Angmori there are influences from the Gungans in Star Wars, however the Angmori are an intelligent race and anyone basing a character on Jar Jar Binks will be killed… instantly… Divinely… Ultimately…

Skill Lists

The Artificer is a Racial Skill List specific to the Angmori, that through crafting, and the coercion of Water Spirits, the Artificer is capable of persuading the spirits to animate objects into strange, wonderful working contraptions that few outside of the Angmori understand.

Prerequisites: Must have the Invocation Skill.

Level One: Spirit Lore: Equal to the total investment of this skill list, the Angmori has an understanding and knowledge of the Spirit Realm and the spirits who exist within it.

Level Two: Spirit Speech: By special preparation, the Artificer may create an area where a Spirit can be invited to manifest, and spoken to for a period of no more than two minutes. No obligations lay on the spirit, and no expectations should be made by the Artificer, the conversation is purely role play dependent.

Level Three: Spirit Warding: Through means either hostile, or through mutual agreement, the Artificer may manipulate a spirit to enter into a specially prepared 'Mundane Vessel' to bring its structure to life, in this action, the spirit is bound into the object at the cost of three experience points per ability and requires Referee Approval on working mechanics and specifics.

Level Four: Spirit Summoning: Through knowledge, and direct petitioning, the Artificer can summon forth the water spirit (even against their will) and then hold them for a period of four minutes.

Level Five: Release Spirit: Through knowledge that borders on the arcane, the Angmori knows how to break down a spirit infused object, releasing the spirit so that it may return to the spirit world, the Angmori may do this Once per Event.

The Coral Crafter: The ability to manipulate Water is something of a problem for the Dwarven race of water, but there are some among them that have advanced their natural skill to include the coral that defines so much of their habitation and way of life, thus presented herein.

Level One: Strength of Coral: The character gains +1 Hits to All Locations.

Level Two: Nimble Mind: The character gains two dodges per day versus mundane attacks.

Level Three: Mundane Coral Manipulation: The Angmori can now make basic shapes with Coral as though it was Water (mechanical equivalents of Mundane Elemental Manipulation relevant however only to Coral for non offensive purposes).

Level Four: Coral Manipulation: The Angmori may now make working items made from Coral (The Angmori make extensive uses of Coral in their colonies) that are considered to be professional in quality through the use of their Coral Manipulation.

Level Five: Complex Coral Manipulation: The Angmori can work to create complex mechanical components and other workings using Coral, beyond professional quality, the Angmori skills making items can be considered to be Master Crafted.

The Tea Appreciation Society: Angmori do love tea and its calming effects and members of this society can put it to good uses.

Level One: Leaf Lore: With a successful simple test versus a Referee, the Angmori player may discern the qualities or drawbacks of any ‘Mundane’ leaf they examine through smell as though they were using the level one Alchemy ability.

Level Two: Tea Infusion: The calming effects of drinking tea grants members of the tea appreciation Society two dodges per day versus mundane attacks as they calmly side step attacks made against them.

Level Three: In the leaves: Brewing tea and then observing the remains in the bottom of a teacup allows the chance for the Angmori to gain some insight into the future possibilities (a mechanical equivalent of Meditation and Insight).

Level Four: Tea Chest: The items used for brewing and drinking tea become an invested part of the character, making them the equivalent of Master Crafted and for four times per day the character may neutralise any Mundane Poisons.

Level Five: Tea Ceremony: By having a nice natter over a cup of tea, the Tea Appreciation Society will neutralise the effects of up to five Void Points per day. The tea must be drunk calmly, not rushed and conversation must be pleasant in nature.

The Angmori may also learn The Way of the Kraken.

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