The Aqualonians

The Aqualonians are the main native inhabitants of the Elemental Plane of Water, who live in the kingdom of Aqualonia. They are viewed to be the combination of both the Morigena and the Nimorians of the Elemental Union. Indeed, they are allies with both those nations, and act as guardians to the Maelstrom that connects the Elemental Plane of Water to Urutau, and sought refuge within the Morigena Kingdom when the Leviathan rose from the Abyss and laid Aqualonia to waste not too many years ago.

Recent History:

In 908AoF Aqualonia was destroyed by the Leviathan, and the Aqualonians fled the Elemental Plane of Water and sought refuge with the Morigena. It was not until the year 910AoF that they were able to go home after the return of Lord Morian, and begun the arduous task of rebuilding their home, but not without the assistance of Water Elementals, Sea Nymphs and the Lord and Lady themselves.

In 914AoF the Aqualonian King went to the aid of the Nimorian Kingdom when it was under attack from the forces of the Void, during which his small fleet was set upon by Fey-Sidious and Fomori forces, captured and taken to the Zarian Wastes. The Aqualonian King was a part of the ritual by the High Minister of the Dark Church, sacrificed to bring forth a Demon Lord, who through the Nimorian Queen, then proceeded to spawn many more Demons.

Since news of the death of the King, the people have been divided as while the King was married, he had no offspring, no heirs of his own and the only other rumoured option, is a bastard child of the King's deceased sister, who died during the rise of the Leviathan - the child lost to an orphanage on Urutau to hide the shame.

Physical Characteristics:

In many ways they are indeterminable from the Morigena, and can pass as one of that race if they so choose, many have black or grey hair, others brown and they favour wearing it at length, often tied back. They have keen eyes and an air of natural nobility about them that is enhanced by Aqualonian Culture and Fashion, something which lends to empathy or distinct tastes similar to the Feymori. Favourite colours are rich blues, green, purples and silver, there is a subtle pointing of their ears that sets them apart from water races of Urutau. In war they were boiled leathers, or shining plate mail, displayng a strong sense of conformity and unity, though outside of war they enjoy intrigue as much as any other race. While they share many of the benefits of the Morigena and the Nimorians, they have a limited life span, that on average sees them live to a maximum of one hundred and fifty years.


Ruled by a monarchy, there are royal and noble houses who rule the kingdom, with reverence to the Temple of Healing, the abilities and wisdom of the Sea Nymphs, and alliances with the Calatamori.

Racial Advantages:

The Aqualonians possess Natural Water Manipulation like the Morigena, but at Enchanted level only, unlike the Morigenan Divine level of control. In addition, like the Nimorians, all Aqualonians possess the ability to naturally heal +3 Points of Damage to a Location, three times per day, this is also an Enchanted ability and not a Divine gift, seen as the trade off by the Lord and Lady versus the gifts given to the Morigena and the Nimorians.

Racial Disadvantages:

Like Water Elementals, Aqualonians are vulnerable to Fire based damage, and take x2 effects from all such caused upon them.

In addition, as a strange perk of breeding, Aqualonian females may breed with any of the Water Races of the Elemental Union to create a 'Half Breed' as per the rules on page 173 in the ELEMENT Players Handbook 4th Edition, such an individual may find it hard to be accepted among the Aqualonian people…


The Aqualonian People have the following Racial Skill Lists:

1: The Sea Guard: The Elite Soldiers of the Kingdom of Aqualonia.
2: The Sea Watch: The Naval Forces of the Kingdom of Aqualonia.

The Sea Guard are the Elite Soldiers of the Kingdom of Aqualonia, champions even splendid in their livery, they are the paragons of the fighting spirit of Aqualonia, and they gain the following skill list:


1: Must be Aqualonian (Or be a Water Race with Heroic Status).
2: Must reside in Aqualonia.

Level One: Lesser Might of the Sea: The character may call 'No Effect' to a call of Mundane 'Knock-Back' or 'Knock-Down' once per day.

Level Two: Lesser Strength of the Sea: The character gains +2 Hits to All Locations.

Level Three: Greater Might of the Sea: The character may call 'No Effect' versus any call of Enchanted 'Knock-Back' or 'Knock-Down', three times per day.

Level Four: Greater Strength of the Sea: The character gains +4 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Pressure of the Sea: The character may call 'Break Item' with ANY weapon, up to five times per day, use of this ability is Mundane, reflected in a skilled strike to a target location.

The Sea Watch comprise of the Naval force of the kingdom of Aqualonia, they are tasked with sailing the seas of the Elemental Plane of Water, securing the safety of Aqualonia and guarding the realm versus invasion from hostile forces.


1: Must be Aqualonian (Or be a Water Race with Heroic Status).
2: The character must be assigned to an Aqualonian Ship upon which they must serve.

Level One: Sense the Sea: The sea speaks, it is memory, so that once per day, the character may touch a body of water, and sense what has transpired within the vicinity over the last twenty four hours, or a time period subject to Referee Discretion.

Level Two: Lesser Strength of the Sea: The character gains +2 Hits to All Locations.

Level Three: Water Talking: Three times per Event, the character may converse with the water in the area to learn of recent events. This ability requires the character to place at least their hands into water, though full submersion is better. Use of this ability requires Referee Mediation.

Level Four: Ship Healing: Four times per day, the character may tap into their natural abilities of Water Manipulation and Natural Healing in order to heal the sea vessel upon which they sail, by up to four construction points per use; if the character lacks any ability to heal naturally (as per the Nimorian/Aqualonian ability) this ability can only be used to half effect (+2 Construction Points repaired, twice per day).

Level Five: Sonar Senses: Any Tracking employed by the character is done at 'Enchanted' Level.

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