The Bank of Urutau


Jinara walked up to the rune marked rock and pressed her hand against it. The stone archway next to the rune began to glow. The portal opened and she stepped through. In front of her were the white marble steps that led up to the heavy bronze doors, flanked by two rather hefty looking armoured Wrotan soldiers, although she sensed that they weren't the only ones watching her approach. On the doors, a verse.

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there…
(Thank you J.K. Rowling…)

Her pouch in hand, she nodded to the soldiers, and pushed open the doors. This was the entrance to the the Bank of Urutau.
Through these doors, Jinara made her way along the long marble hall, lit with large decadent fire bowls and candles, wooden counters on either side, stretching the length of the hall, with Gornang and Vespari bankers busily furrowing through papers, crunching numbers, some just sitting, politely waiting for customers. Jinara did not need to see those bankers today. She had a deposit to make… And so she made her way to the end of the hall, to the fiery bearded Vault Deposits Clerk. His counter was situated centrally between two ornate silver doors. The doors seemed to glow.
"Good morning Madam!" The cheerful clerk addressed Jinara, his voice gruff. "How may I be of service today?"
"I… Erm… My name is Jinara Kep. I'd like to make a deposit, if I may?" She handed the pouch to the clerk, who, in turn, took it, and peered inside at its contents. His smile turned to a frown. "Is this some sort of joke?" He glowered. Jinara shuffled uncomfortably. "No. No it is not. It's very important that I keep it here, just for a few days. Just until I figure out a more permanent place for it." She looked at the clerk, whose cheery disposition had rapidly disappeared. "Please? I don't know what else to do…" The clerk's frown softened a little.
"Very well, you'll need a small deposit box. It'll be 2 silver crests per day. BUT we can only keep this in the vaults for two days, maximum. If you haven't returned for it by then, it will be returned TO you. Do you understand?"
Jinara nodded, and handed over 4 silver crests.
"Fine. Can you read and write, Jinara Kep?" He took a piece of parchment from the small wooden cabinet at the side of his desk and placed it in front of Jinara. Jinara nodded once more. "Good. You'll need to fill this out…"
The clerk stood, and walked over to one of the silver doors. Placing one hand on the door, he turned back to Jinara. "Two days…" He frowned, as the door seemed to melt away. He stepped through the gap where the silver door once was, only for it to reappear once he was through…


The Bank will be run by the Gornang with support from the Vespari and Air Elementals. Only those who work at the bank (and of course the Ref Team!) know of its secrets and the measures taken to prevent against intruders and theft. They have undertaken a strict oath, bound by magic, that forbids them from speaking of the bank's secrets, although players will know that the Bank is extremely heavily protected, and should avoid attempting to break in or steal from the Bank. If players are foolish enough to try, then they must be prepared for the consequences!

The Bank is hidden in a pocket realm, accessible through the use of rune marked portal stones across Urutau.

Safety deposit boxes will be kept in the Vaults of the Bank (The Bank will have the right to refuse items to be stored in the vault).
Small deposit box =15cm wide x 30cm long x 10cm deep - 2 silver per day
Medium deposit box = 30cm wide x 45cm long x 15cm deep - 5 silver per day
Large deposit box = 45cm wide x 60cm long x 20cm deep - 1 gold per day
Storage vault =1m x 1m x 1m -10 gold per day
Large Storage Vault = 2m x 2m x 2m - 20 gold per day
Safety deposit boxes will be well guarded; trying to break into them may have a nasty consequence, as well as drawing the attention of the Security Team.

There will be a separate vault for money and gems, equally as protected.

The Bank will be Gornang built.

The Bank is well protected. Those caught trying to break in, or steal from the Bank will be dealt with harshly.

Loans - Air Elemental debt recovery. Players may borrow money, agreeing a repayment date. They will pay back the amount borrowed, plus 20%. In the event that a player fails to repay the loan by the agreed date, a further 5% (of the amount borrowed) per day will be added to the amount repayable. After seven days of non payment, Air Elementals will be sent to recover the debt in full, or goods to the value of.

Banks will honour the currency set in place by the Wrotan Republic.

Banks will provide an "Evaluate" service (for a small fee of course!)

Players will be able to exchange gems for currency at banks.

How to Bank

Each player will have an account sheet allocated to them. The Trade Ref will keep the account updated. Players may ask to see their own account sheet. Online, players should role play activating a portal, entering the bank and speaking with the appropriate clerk. They do not have to publicly state how much they are depositing or withdrawing. Instead they should message the Trade Ref. with the message title of either "Deposit" or "Withdrawal", stating in the message the amount they wish to deposit/withdraw. When using safety deposit boxes, the player should again role play the process of going to the bank, but does not have to state publicly what they wish to put in the box, but must tell the Trade Ref.
The Trade Ref. will then amend the players account sheet and the player will receive confirmation of the transaction, along with a total balance of their account. When making withdrawals, players will be given their phys rep money at events. There should also be opportunity to make deposits/withdrawals at events.

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