The Black Dragons

The Black Dragons are might majestic creatures that serve the Void. Powerful when fully grown they are look after by the Fey-Sidious most notably by the elite order known as the Dragon Riders. Until recent times the Black Dragons were limited to just a days activity for a century of sleep, keeping the threat of them extremely limited compared to the activity of Great White. However, the Fey-Sidious have worked for great years researching both magic and alchemy to find ways to overcome this debilitating weakness that all Black Dragons shared.

Rumour suggests this is in some part how the original conception of the Dracosylph came about, fusing the Ulcas with the blood of dragons in order to create a new race that would be Agents for the Void.

What is known is that in recent times, with the arrival of young dragons destined to be servants of the Elemental Union, the Fey-Sidious were able to abduct Little Red and use the young dragon and its apparent lack of weakness to be permanently active like Great White, to further experiment and genetically alter the Black dragons so that their weakness has been reduced drastically so that all the Black Dragons need now to sleep but for a year for a days activity.

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