The Blessings Of Lord Vidious

The blessing of Lord Vidious is something he bestows upon individuals of great promise and in possession of great malice, and malevolence. He is not to be trifled with and any thinking they might double-cross him learn the terrible truth of what it is to become one so blessed by the Lord of the Void.

Level One: Void Blessed: The taint of the Void is not enough for some, being touched by the hand of Lord Vidious grants the blessed a special ability to be determined through negotiation direct with the Lord of the Void, subject to Referee Discretion.

Level Two: Tainted Soul: The blessed is granted special health measures by this granting, as such they gain +2 Hits to all locations.

Level Three: Violence is as Violence does: The blessed is granted special calls to perform in combat, being able to call Knock-Back, Knock-Down and three times per day they may break items, so long as they are mundane of origin.

Level Four: Entropic Touch: The blessed may, four times per day, through the touch of their hands, decay and erode either an object that is not Indestructable so it becomes useless and broken, or a bodily location so that it withers and dies - while this works on limbs to full extent, upon a torso or head, the target suffers half functions, the torso means the character loses half their total body hits, and if the head is effected, they only get half experience points and spending them cost double the normal price!

Level Five: Soul Asylum: Lord Vidious blesses his favoured servants with a special process where the soul of the blessed is removed and placed within a special container, so long as the container is safe, the blessed will be Immune to both Mundane and Enchanted damage done versus their body. Destruction of the container will result in the restoration of the blessed character prior to this blessing, though be warned, certain restrictions may be placed upon the container, so that only certain weapons or people may be capable of destroying it. Either way, it is something of value, yet a vulnerability to be exploited…

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