The Bridge Of Khemburimm

Built by the Gornang, this Great Bridge connects Wrotentia to the Gap of Peril & Lyrzeria, stretching a great distance of 357 Miles it is the largest bridge on Urutau, Master-Crafted Built over a great expanse of time in the early years of the Age of Fire. Built out of necessity owing to the fact ships find it difficult to traverse the icy waters of the Narrow Ways (there are many wrecks) and the dangers of even trying to land close to the Savage Mountains. All manner of ships may pass beneath the bridge without restriction.

Amazing FACT: The Bridge survived the world exploding without breaking, even when the Lords and Ladies were holding the fragments of the world together, the bridge remained in one piece!

Khemburimm Rumours:

- The Gornang built hidden halls into the great bridge.
- Lady Yaleena blessed the bridge so that it will never fall.
- The Wrotan Republic often debates placing a toll on those who travel the bridge.

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