The Broken Quay

The Broken Quay has been a landing point on the Southern Shore of the Savage Mountains for supplies to be transported to Elemental Union Forces at the Castle of the Elemental Union, as an alternative to transporting supplies via the Gap of Peril. It was destroyed by the Black Dragons in 914AoF, along with the village of Wayfare when the Castle was taken over by Agents of the Void. It has suffered small atrocities in the aftermath of reclamation, and become an important piece of the new kingdom paved out by 'The All-Father'.

Since 'The Sum of All Things' it has been receiving a monthly shipment of supplies from Hrivemir, and in the early months of Year Two: The Age of Dragons plans were drawn up to see it gain a major investment.

In the second year of the Age of dragons, the settlement received a major investment funded by Fenris and Ebenzer Good Burns, supported by Duke Rana Dae of Hrivemir.

Type: Lord Knights Game Play
Economy: Low: The Holding generates Ten Gold Crowns per annum in profit.
Military: Average: One Chieftain, Three Disciples of War, Twenty War Blooded and the rest of the are Tribe expected to defend the holding.
Technology: Low: At this stage in time, there is nothing remarkable about the settlement.
Magic: Average: Three Shaman guide Nine Apprentice Shaman.
Population: Very Low: One Settlement of Men of the Mountains loyal to 'The All-Father'.

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