The Brotherhood Of Honourable Privateers

The Brotherhood of Honourable Privateers:
Original Concept by Matthew Farrell, Edited by Trevor Halliday.


1: Myrmidon (5).
2: Medium Weapon (5).
3: Naval Status (Any) in relevant crown's navy.

Level One: Diplomatic Immunity: If the Character commits a major crime during the course of the event (examples being kidnapping, murder, arson with others being mediated with the Referee Team) whilst in pursuit of the enemies of the Crown (Vidian races, Pirates, named enemies of said Crown) it may be overlooked (as in pardoned) with the use of a phys rep 'Writ of Diplomatic Immunity' (to be supplied by the player and signed off by the Referee Team).

Note: This does not negate void points.

Level Two: The Fencers Stance: The Character gain +2 Mundane Dodges per Day.

Level Three: Yo Heave Ho!: After countless actions of dangerous boarding actions at sea, heaving the ropes, exposure to brine and blades have toughened the skin of the privateer. The Character gains +3 Hits to all Locations.

Level Four: Agents Tricks: At the beginning of each event, the Character is given one dose of the following two poisons:

- One is a Greater Mundane Chameleon Potion.
- The other is a Mundane Paralysis Poison.

Note: They degrade after the event has finished.

Level Five: The Eye of the Storm: After invoking 'The Oath of the Privateers to Lord Morian', which takes thirty seconds to recite, the character becomes as the eye of the Maelstrom. The Character is Immune to 'Mundane' and 'Enchanted' damage for five minutes. This may be invoked Once per Event.

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