The Calatamori

The Calatamori are a strange, underwater dwelling race that reside primarily on the Elemental Plane of Water, and are among the chief worshippers of Lord Morian, maintaining their worship of him even through his long absence from the worlds.

Physical Characteristics:

The Calatamori have amphibian features similar to Frogs and Toads, though possess a keen intelligence and humanoid bodies that have adapted to life at the bottom of the ocean, enabling them to resist the great pressures of the sea. Movement between water and land is done with relative ease, and they suffer no discomfort from changes in pressure, or long periods of time on land. Many favour the wearing of robes, adorned with motives to sea creatures, often favouring Octopi and Kraken. Calatamori live extended lives by mortal standards, living for approximately two to three hundred years.


The High Dagon, the lead Priest of the race determines the fate and direction of the race as the main link to Lord Morian and his wishes, everyone else follows his lead, but the Priests hold great sway over the populace.

Racial Advantages:

Amphibious, the race can breathe underwater as well as on land.

Racial Disadvantages:

As a race, that follows the lead of the High Dagon, they seem to lack quite the same level of intelligence as many of the races of the Elemental Union. As such, The multiplier for learning skills is six as opposed to the standard level of five for the majority of the other player races.


The Calatamori are a playable race, with Referee Approval. Playing one is a Non-Human option at character creation.

Racial Skill Lists:

The Warrior of the Deep is a standard skill list for any who do not join the Way of the Priests.


1: Calatamori only.

Level One: Water Vision: The Calatamori suffer no penalties to their vision underwater.

Level Two: Tough as Barnacles: The character gains +2 Hits to All Locations.

Level Three: Lesser Strength of the Deep: The character gains the 'Bulging Biceps' ability as per the Ulcas ability as listed on page 102 of the ELEMENT Players Handbook 4th Edition.

Level Four: Greater Strength of the Deep: The character gains +4 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Water Senses: While underwater, the Tracking of a Calatamori acts as Enchanted.

The Followers of Lord Morian (Page 73 of the ELEMENT Skills Companion 4th Edition) is available as a racial skill to the Calatamori, as well as The Way of the Kraken (Page 47 of the ELEMENT Skills Companion 4th Edition).

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