The Church of the Elemental Union

The Church of the Elemental Union is the generic name given to the organised religion that worships all of the Lords and ladies across Urutau, as the Wrotan Republic and its supporters provide. And for the greater part this is true.

Like all things to do with religion, it is not completely true.

Rare are the members of the Church who come from the elements of Fire and Earth, and the church is dominated by Air Races, in particular the Wrotan, who operate the main body of the church from the capital of Wrotentia.

The Fire races favour more free-flowing religion, though the Gornang honour the church and the Feygorn Priesthood is run separately to this religious body. The real clash of worship is between the Church and the Earth races who favour more open to nature, druidic practices that shun the enclosed worship of the church - Quelas in particular is a passive battleground of church versus the guidance of the druids. Only the Dracosylph (Air) seem disinterested in the church, but honour it within Lyrzeria.

One of the underlying acknowledgements of the Church is that it is also known as the Church of Arios, many of the churches and other buildings center on his worship - in subtle ways - above all others, the support recieved and given to the Wrotan Republic is a matter of debate for outsiders, but the two bodies work well enough together - indeed, the Vigilant Watch operates within both, for both, for the greater good of the Elemental Union, an Agent of the Vigilant Watch often travels under the disguise of, or is, a wandering brother.


Everything comes from the Grand Church, or Cathedral that sits in the capital city of Wrotentia, it is a place of Lore, of Politics, of debate and wisdom - that extends its power across the Wrotan Republic and beyond, often with a Central Church positioned in an allied nation, or friendly nation, that divides its power and resources within those nations as is seen fit. The final part of the structure is the local church, wherever it may be - no churches exist within any of the Void Nations.


The Church welcomes all - initiation begins with a term as an 'Inducted Sibling', often studying the means and ways of the church local to them, before full induction. After being fully inducted, the term 'Brother' or 'Sister' is allowed, and expected to be used as a title of address by all. The Head of a local church is always referred to as 'Father' or 'Mother', and those who choose a hermetic, or wandering lifestyle gain the title 'Uncle' or 'Aunt'.

After induction, the initiate may choose to learn the path of either the Priest or Paladin, and at some point in the future, they may be approached by The Vigilant Watch to work for them also - or so it is rumoured…

Standard Social Status Rules:

Level One: Inducted Sibling: A character that has requested to join the church, serving an initial term of one month to see if the lifestyle really is their calling but should cover a period where they learn Lore: Church of the Elemental Union and Lore: The Lords and Ladies to level one at least.

Level Two: Brother/ Sister: Following full initiation into the church, the character has been placed within a dedicated church at a location (normally within their home nation) and allowing them to learn either levels 1 - 3 in either the Priest or Paladin Skill Lists. This period will usually last for between three months to a year but also covers the further education in the Lore Skills begun as an inducted sibling which much both reach level two before advancement may be allowed.

Level Three: Uncle/ Aunt: After having spent time within the sanctity of the church and learning the routines of church life, the character may now expand their experiences by 'walking the earth', to achieve this possibility the character must have their two dedicated Lore Skills at levels three, as well as their chosen path at level three or four with the intention of expanding their Lore and Knowledge by engaging with other cultures; alternatively if the wandering life is not for a brother or sister, they may remain within their church, but add to their title 'Trusted', so they became known as 'Trusted Brother' or 'Trusted Sister'.

Level Four: Trusted: The character has now earned the respect of their peers and their superiors within the church, by achieving levels four or five in all relevant church skills. To such extent that many of their brethren consider them to be assigned in short time to the rank of Father or Mother, or they may be approached by the mysterious Vigilant Watch (a role play dependent plot).

Level Five: Father/ Mother: After what is deemed a suitable term of operating as 'Trusted', and through role play, the character is offered an assignment as the head of a church in a location offered to the character for them to consider. By this stage, all relevant church skills should be at level five, with other skills being taken into consideration also, as well as the way in which the character conducts themselves in game from their superiors perspective, as well as how the Referee Team have viewed their activities as a church member.

- If the character is a Paladin, they will be offered instead the title of 'Shield-Bearer', and will be gifted with a specially crafted Shield as determined by the Referee Team.

Higher Ranks:

It makes sense to assume that the lead figure of the church within a nation would be referred to as 'Grand Father' or 'Grand Mother', but they are referred to instead as 'The Master' or 'The Mistress of the House', with House being the term they view the churches and organisation within a nation. It is the Head of the Church, in Wrotentia, who uses the title of 'Grand Father' or 'Grand Mother' and are viewed, and treated as the mouth piece of Lord Arios and the Church of the Elemental Union.

Within the military aspect of the Paladins, they rarely come together in force, operating in small companies within a region they enjoy some autonomy, but are expected to answer the call of the church if it comes, if they are not stationed within a church. In extreme circumstances, the Grand Father/ Grand Mother will elevate a Paladin to the honourific title of 'Hammer Bearer', who gains control of all Paladins, to use as they see fit in pursuit of a crusade. Outside of crusades, leading Paladins gain the titles of 'Shield Bearers' and this gives them much sway within their region of protection, though outside of their region, a Paladin need not answer the orders of a Shield Bearer', though it is considered disrespectful, but then again, ordering Paladins outside of their given area of protection is in equal terms disrespectful if not done with tact or respect in equal measure.

- Paladins always follow the lead of Priests, specifically, a 'Master' or a 'Mistress'.

Level Six: Master/ Mistress of the House: Achieving this level of standing within the church opens up access to an advanced skill tree for the Priest, but even gaining access to this is dependent on role play and plot as it sees a character as head of the church within one of the nations.

Level Seven: Hammer Bearer: One Paladin may be elected, by the decision of the Grand Father/ Mother to the role of 'Hammer Bearer', usually charged with performing a specified task under the ideals of a crusade and will be given a Gornang Master-Crafted, Two-handed Hammer that has been blessed by the Grand Father/ Mother and imbued with the power of Lord Arios, marking it as a specified plot item unique to the particular Hammer Bearer.

- Priests at level seven usually serve a special term operating as a liason to the Vigilant Watch, of which at this level is not discussed being solely reliant upon plot and communication with the Referee Team.

Level Eight: Grand Father/ Mother: The character becomes the head of the church across Urutau, which is only achieved through plot or occupied by an NPC due to the constraints placed upon a character, they must have completed the advanced Priest skill Tree, and have extended skills suitable to be able to fulfill the role.

Advanced Priest Skill List:

Level One: The Divine Prayer of Enchanting: The divine prayer is a part of an hour long sermon that enchants all weapons brought into the congregation so that they do 'Enchanted Damage' until the next time Lady Phoebe rises in the sky.

Level Two: The Divine Prayer of Light: Whilst praying the Priest spills out divine light that drives back any possessed of Void Taint within an area of twenty meters.

Level Three: The Divine Prayer of Torpor: Whilst praying, the Priest is able to reverse the power that animates Skeletons and Zombies so that that disintegrate and are laid to rest within a twenty meter radius.

Level Four: The Divine Prayer of Questing:

Level Five: The Divine Prayer: Prepared to sacrifice their life to a moment in time, the Priest is able to petition the Lords and Ladies, and give their life in return for a miracle, that is mediated and decided upon by the Referee Team.


1: 'Inducted Sibling': A new member of the church not yet fully inducted into, they worship and belong to the church but have no skills that set them apart as church operatives (No Priest or Paladin Skill Lists).
2: 'Brother': A fully inducted male member of the Church.
3: 'Sister': A fully inducted female member of the Church.
4: 'Father': The title used if the leader of a Church is male.
5: 'Mother': The title used if the leader of a Church is female.
6: 'Uncle': A title used for a wandering, or hermetic male member of the Church.
7: 'Aunt': A title used for a wandering, or hermetic female member of the Church.
8: 'The Vigilant Watch': A covert organisation that operates within the Church and for the Wrotan Republic Senate across Urutau.
9: 'The Master of the House': The title used for the a male leader of the Church within a Nation.
10: 'The Mistress of the House': The title used for a female leader of the Church within a Nation.
11: 'Grand Father': The title used for a male Head of the Church.
12: 'Grand Mother': The title used for a female Head of the Church.
13: 'The Hammer Bearer': Is a title used by a Paladin, elevated to lead of a crusade, named so after the favoured weapon of Lord Arios.
14: 'Shield Bearer': Is a title used by a respected, trusted and authorative Paladin within a region or nation, often a supporter of the Master or Mistress of the House, though there may often be more than one that form a council to serve a region.

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