The Clans of the Fey Sirona

The Clans of the Fey Sirona

The Blue Crane Clan of the Fey Sirona, in particular having a strong dislike for Half-Breeds, and of course, The Fey Sirona Vampire. They are loyal to the ruling White Dragon Clan, but are concerned by the arrival, or decision to create the Golden Claws and the Silver Samurai; there are mixed feelings on these two subjects, as both have been exceptionally outstanding in combat since their creation, giving the Fey-Sirona an extra edge back - but it is highly unnatural… There has also been some discord following the arrival of Fey Sirona legend, and Fey Sirona Vampire, Inishi Quorill…

The Clan divides itself into flocks, their elitism means they do employ politics laced with honour in everything they do, for example there are Geisha, but none have ever brought the shame of an Oiran upon the clan. They have Samurai, and there is a heavy toll on any who would become Ronin.

Clan Advantage: Due to their high level of standards, silks used for Kimono's, leather and metals used for arms and armour are among the best that can be seen on Urutau, second only to Gornang Master-Crafted work. As such Blue Crane Clan characters may begin play with Master-Crafted equipment.
Clan Disadvantage: Pride; They have a strong disposition towards the failings of Fey Sirona Society on Menyel-Tiriona, in particular Fey Sirona Vampires and Half-Breeds and this should be reflected in any role-play with any Fey Sirona fitting that bill.

The Gold Phoenix Clan of the Fey Sirona are a deeply philosophical clan, who also focus their time and efforts in the study of the Fire Races of the the Elemental Union. They serve as great advisors to many, and show a great disposition towards the study of the arcane and the workings of politics, lore and healing, not to mention Alchemy. As a clan they are content to let the White Dragon Clan rule, and to observe the other clans follow, or offer debate and make their moves within the politics of the Fey Sirona court at Menyel Tiriona.

Clan Advantage: The Clan embraces the study of Alchemy, and get a -2XP Cost for learning Alchemy and a -1XP Cost for learning skills of Healing and Lore.
Clan Disadvantage: Less than Noble: The pursuit of lore takes precedence over social status, as such they pay a +5XP Cost on any levels of Nobility Status.

The Grey Owl Clan are the Fey Sirona clan that are the most interested in the study of the Fey Sirona Vampire condition, as well as being intrigued by the nature of the magic employed by the the Agents of the Void, as such they dance perilously within the grey areas of society upon Menyel Tiriona and often employ those who live within the shadows of life on Urutau. Some may think the clan follow a path of dishonour, but that is a cruel and shallow perspective not shared by many, for the pursuit of the darkness and understanding is a trial that demands sacrifice and honour, something many of the clan cleave to with distinction. There are many Shugenja among the ranks of the clan families, though this is not a hard and fast rule for players to adhere to, it is just a natural curiosity about the mystical that drives story around the clan.

Grey Owl Families are sorted in a hierarchy of wings, the leading family being the first wing, followed by the second wing etc. In total there are nine wings to the Grey Owl Family, the way in which the hierarchy works can be a source of politics among the clan, but for the true insider, it is also a source of much more intrigue and advantage.

Grey Owl Clan Family Prestige:

The First Wing: They have a -3XP Cost for buying Fate Points.
The Second Wing: They have a -2XP Cost for buying Fate Points.
The Third Wing: They have a -1XP Cost for buying Fate Points.
The Fourth Wing: They have a -2XP Cost for buying Mana Points.
The Fifth Wing: There is no Advantage or Disadvantage.
The Seventh Wing: They have a -1XP Cost for buying off Void Points.
The Eighth Wing: They have a -2XP Cost for buying off Void Points.
The Ninth Wing: They have a -3XP Cpst for buying off Void Points.

The Silver Eagle Clan is led by a Grand Daimyo who serves the High King. The clan is divided into eight talons, smaller family units that live within the same district of the famed floating city of the elves. Each talon numbers approximately five to twenty family members, who serve the Daimyo of the family with loyalty and respect.

The Silver Eagle Clan are the watchers of the the Moon, they search and they hunt the Agents of the Void when Lord Helios is not in the sky.

Clan Advantage: The Silver Eagle Clan get a +1 to their Tracking Skill when the moon is in the sky.

The White Dragon Clan is the leading noble house of the Fey Sirona who rule the floating city of Menyel Tiriona and bear the responsibility for the continuation of their race, or how best to meet what many seem as the inevitable death. Hard decisions have had to be made by the ruling High King, Daimyo Fusheshi Noryato. But, like many of his clan, they have the wisdom of Great White to call upon for guidance, who acts as a patron for the clan.

The White Dragon Clan is also responsible for the legendary room known as 'The Legacy of Echoes', which suffered loss when the city fell over Khayeim in 911 of the Age of Fire. Many of the orbs contained therein were destroyed and much knowledge lost; but the bold move made by the clan to take back the city and the sacrifice used to transport it to the Elemental Plane of Fire has meant that the room has been restored and that some of the legacy remains to serve the Fey-Sirona.

All in all the Clan has, after suffering many years of doubt over the future of the race, taken pro-active action particularly in the year 913 of the Age of Fire, to make the presence of the race known upon Urutau; first in helping the Allied forces of the Elemental Union take back Khayeim, and then following that up with the strike against the the Wrotan Empire to overthrow it, reveal once and for all the power of influence of the the Ethereal Lords over that political body and to defeat them in a mass co-ordinated strike all across the homeland of the the Wrotan people, leading to the restoration of the Wrotan Republic.
Of course there is much speculation and debate in private about the creation of the the Golden Claws and the the Silver Samurai, but sweetened with the taste of such defined victories that have been enjoyed of late, it is hard not to feel that the clan has turned the fortunes of the Fey-Sirona towards the light of survival as opposed to the darkness of death.

Clan Advantage: With the weight of responsibility upon the clan to lead the race as a whole, they get a -3XP cost to the purchase of Fate Points.
Clan Disadvantage: To their doom, the weight of expectancy upon the clan weighs heavily upon them, and the light of success can dissolve easily in the darkness of fear and failure, as such, buying off Void Points comes at an extra cost, White Dragon Clan must pay +3XP to the standard cost of buying off Void Points.

In addition to these clans is the Bronze Hawk Clan. The Bronze Hawk Clan was one of the many missing and presumed fallen clans that helped to make up Fey Sirona Society. They originated from the floating city of Menyel-Iuchi which fell during the Age of the Void. They count among the last survivors of the Champion Race of Air after their service to the mysterious Lady of Law. In recent times they have been stationed in the Morigena Kingdom in service to Duke Rana Dae, but have been released from this service to return to and serve the High King.

The Red Crow Clan has only one surviving member, Mifune Akeado, who currently serves as a Magistrate for Menyel Tiriona. The clan was once resident upon Menyel Arcanex, which fell during the Age of the Void, though in recent times was recovered by Agents of the Void, and renamed Vardagh Viriona in 914AoF, before mysteriously disappearing…

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