The Crusty Dodger

The Crusty Dodger

The Captain of The Crusty Dodger, Bob Phukkett, and his crew were hired by Staggett to retrieve some money. Things did not go quite to plan, and The Crusty Dodger, once a lovely Cloudbuster Airship, now lies in a heap somewhere near Grun, just inside the borders of Wrotentia, much to the disappointment of Bob and his crew. One thing is for sure, Staggett was most displeased, especially as the events that followed saw Bob and the crew buying their way out of Staggett's services.


Bob and his crew now travel on the Crusty Dodger II, acquired by Bob after a windfall. They are now 'legitimate businessmen', seeking out riches and glory…

Bob Phukkett


Bob and his sister have as yet unkown origins. Seemingly abandoned in Las Venturas as tots, they were taken in and raised by Staggett, seedy overseer of the Las Venturas underworld, who had a firm grip over them, even keeping Bob's sister hostage until he had to money to buy their freedom. After an initial clash with heroes of the Elemental Union, Bob and his crew worked alongside them to retrieve a valuable treasure, one which would allow Bob to pay off Staggett and purchase his own Airship. A recent encounter with Sunshine Meadowbloom the Fifth has made Bob look into his roots…

Didi Phukkett


Bob's little sister. She was held captive by Staggett for a while, but upon her release, the crew found that she had not been mistreated at all. Whilst she has remained quiet about her 'ordeal', she seems glad to be back with her family.

Beverley 'Krusher' Stormborn


Krusher is the ship's Doctor aboard the Crusty Dodger II. As one of Bob's oldest friends and his most trusted confidante, she does her best to keep the raucous bunch in line, reminding them always that though they may not be blood related, they are most definitely a family. It was a journal of Krusher's Uncle that led them to the treasure that bought their freedom.

Scotty Gustflutter


Ship's engineer Scotty is always on the lookout for thrills, even posing as a Professor at Skyfleet Academy for a short while. He is a talented mage, and can often be found wherever there is opportunity for adventure. During the Crusty Dodger's brief split, Scotty spent time aboard the Forlorn Hope, until the Captain of the ship booted all of the crew off, and he rejoined his real family back on the Dodger.



Chekov serves as the Navigator for the Crusty Dodger. His unusual approach to navigation often sees the crew ending up in random places, sometimes conveniently, sometimes not…

6.87463 of 9 (AKA Six)


Not much is known about this mage who serves as the cook aboard the Dodger. For a long time he refused to speak at all, not a great asset in a mage… Is he part of some strange experiment, or is he a son of parents who just couldn't be bothered to think of names for their nine children? Why the decimal places? Time will tell…

Spock Nimoy


The latest addition to the crew. Although he is only employed as a Deckhand and general dogsbody, this new recruit is fast finding a solid place aboard the Airship, providing much needed business counsel to Bob. He approaches things from a logical standpoint, always considering the outcomes before a decision is made. He is of unusually slim frame for a Vespari, and slightly taller than the average, but he is young, and the crew fully suspect that he will round out and shrink as he gets older…

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