The Darkhearts

Darkhearts are small corrupt circles of Fey-Tir who have been warped and corrupted by the Void and take up residence in a wooded area to guard it and worship the Void. They do not venture much, so are rarely encountered unless tumbled upon, usually arming the surrounding area with a number of traps, they fall upon invaders of their territory with silent savagery.

Darkhearts Skill List:

Level One: Blight Sense: After building up their small home, they can instinctively sense when trespassers approach (100 Metres), making it really difficult for known Darkhearts to be attacked by surprise.

Level Two: Strength of the Blight: Once established in a small area, the cultivation of the blight gives strength to the Darkheart, giving a bonus of +2 Hits to all Locations.

Level Three: Attunement: Three times per day, the Darkheart can manipulate the foliage of the blight into the creation of traps or even attacking (Damage caused is Triples and can effect one bodily location only - never does a global attack).

Level Four: Darkheart Grace: The Darkheart gains +4 Enchanted Dodges per day.

Level Five: Blightbane: Once per day (for obvious reasons that now follow) the Darkheart have the option to tear out their heart and feed it to the blight to gain enchanted benefits to attack an enemy. The Darkheart then has five minutes to attack (Enchanted Quad attacks, +5 Hits to all Locations, +5 Enchanted Dodges) after which they die, spilling their Darkheart's blood into the earth to stain the area of the blight that much more in sacrifice and bitterness against the Lord and Lady of the Earth.

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