The Deep

The Deep is the lowest inhabited level of the Elemental Plane of Water, where the Calatamori make their homes as they worship Lord Morian and act as guardians to the Abyss and other secrets entrusted to them.

Cities of the Calatamori:

Not even the Calatamori themselves know how many cities they have spread out across the Deep, their isolation marks them as a strange race, their focus on worship to Lord Morian keeps them overtly seeking expansion.

The Abyss:

The Abyss links three races together, with the Calatamori guarding it at the deepest level and the Aqualonians guarding it at a surface level. But there is also a race that inhabits the Abyss as well as a magical portal known as 'The Drowning Pool', which since the return of Lord Morian has been sealed off; what the Calatamori and Aqualonians guard against are the Sla’ahvhrosch (also commonly referred to as Gillmen) and their allies, the Octopoidus.

Known Forage Ingredients of the Abyss:

1: Ebur (Used in tablets to repair Breaks & Sprains).
2: Gyluir (Used in potions to allow for underwater breathing).
3: Jitsu (Used in potions to heal +2 Hits).
4: Black Water (Used to make a Poultice that closes wounds).
5: Croalactize M’ea (Used in potions to Induce a 2hr Coma).
6: Black Liquid of the Abyss (Used in potions to cause Insanity).
7: Vemaak (Used to cause Deafness).
8: Pargen (Used to make a potion that is lifesaving if given to someone who has died in the last Four Days).

Abyss Map:


1: Zone One: The Drowning Pool is known to be in this section.
2: Zone Two: Lair of the Octopoidus.
3: Zone Three: The Outer Realm of the Sla'ahvhrosch.
4: Zone Four: The Inner Realm of the Sla’ahvhrosch.
5: Zone Five: The Throat of the Abyss.
6: The Mouth of the Abyss, as guarded by Aqualonia.
7: Realm of the Calatamori.

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