The Diplomancer

Original Concept by Poppy Louise Hindby-Smith, edited by Trevor Halliday.


1: Lore: Politics (3).
2: Lore: Politics - own race (3).
3: Diplomatic Status (Any Level).

Level One: Diplomantic Gifts: At the cost of gold at the start of an event, the player decides upon a race that they wish to lobby for one favour. The level of reciprocated favour is decided by the amount of gold spent at the appropriate Referee's Discretion.

Note: Pure Vidian races exchange money for favours at half the rate due to their nature and a Void Point may be accrued in this process.

Level Two: Smooth Talker: The Character gains +2 uses of 'No Effect' versus uses of Mundane Deception.

Level Three: Silver Tongue: The Character gains +3 to Deception.

Level Four: I Heard it through the Grapevine…: The Character may use unseen (NPC) contacts to overhear up to three rumours during an event. In addition the Character may use those same unseen contacts to seed one credible rumour about one target during the event.

Level Five: Shining Light: The Deception level of the Character becomes 'Enchanted' when discussing politics among their own race.

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