The Doktare

The Doktare is the martial Man-at-Arms who dominates and controls the training of the Gladiators, often than not either a retired Gladiator themselves, or some form of Mercenary or retired soldier with skills enough to pass on to the Gladiators. They enjoy a position of prestige, often entrusted with many things by the Lanista yet remaining a Slave of the Gladiator School (or other tie) they are a thing to be feared.

Level One: Instructor: Gladiators of the Ludus and under the tutelage of the Doktare get a -1XP break to the costs of learning skills from ‘The Field of Battle’.

Level Two: Gladiator Instructor: Fully Branded Slaves/ Professional Gladiators of the Gladiator School receive a -2XP break to learning skills from ‘The Field of Battle’ under the tutelage of the Doktare that stacks with level one.

Level Three: 'Your Will, my Hand': In fulfilling a command and the will of their Lanista, the Doktare is exempt from those directed actions that would normally earn Void Points, as they pass directly to the Lanista who issued the orders.

Level Four: 'My Will is Law': At a primal level of training and understanding, the Doktare’s will is greatest upon the will and influence of the Gladiators within the Ludus, as such the Doktare may break any attempts of Mundane coercion upon their Gladiators, and may even change ‘Enchanted’ Compulsions upon their Gladiators up to four times per day (normally with the lash of a whip).

Level Five: Master Doktare: Between Events, a Doktare may convert Five Experience Points of their own into Five Free Points to pass onto full members of the Ludus for the purchase of skills from ‘The Field of Battle’, so long as they have spent five days of training under the guidance of the Doktare – only one combat skill may be taken to level five in this fashion, and a member of the Ludus may only receive a maximum of Five Free Points ever, in this fashion (including a change of Doktare).

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