The Dracosylph

The Dracosylph are a race of humanoids descended of Dragons whose purpose was initially intended to serve as Agents of the Void. However, through intervention of Great White that fate was avoided and the race was eventually admitted in to the ranks of The Elemental Union.

There is a lot of theoretical origin of species about the Dracosylph, with many believing they have genetic links to hot-blooded Ulcas and were the result of intervention by the Fey-Sidious through their use of Biomancy. Experimentation was also unearthed in the exposed ruins of a floating city of the Fey-Sirona, discovered by the Morigena Light Company that suggested they may have examined Dracosylph or even been responsible for their creation.

In recent times, the standard 'White' Dracosylph have been broken down into factions, following the appearance of the Black Dracosylph, then the Purple Dracosylph and, more recently, the one and only Red Dracosylph, Astor the Red, who was blessed by and became a Champion of Lord Gorn.


By majority, the Purple Dracosylph now live within the Kingdom of Morigena, under their rule. The Black Dracosylph are servants and slaves to The Void, thought it is acknowledged that one remains active as a loyal servant to Great White. Astor the Red is in something of an exile from Lyrzeria, his House affiliations somewhat more complicated now that he has a different Elemental affiliation.


It was during the Age of Air that one of the Elemental races was lost, called the Were-Avari; what became of them is unknown but it left a hole in the structure of The Elemental Union.

It was during the Age of the Void that the rumours of a new draconic race came into being, as something being worked upon by The Void. By experiments upon Ulcas captives and Black Dragons and something more, The Magic of The Void was ready to unleash this new race upon the world. Great White and her allies among The Elemental Union put a stop to this, saving the race from becoming Void Tainted and so the Dracosylph took their place among the Elemental races of Air.

With the coming of the Age of Fire, the Dracosylph took their place in The Elemental Union as a race of Air, having earned the right by fighting alongside the heroes that brought about the end of the previous age. They declined membership in the Wrotan Republic and instead offered shelter to the ousted Morigena.

Physical Characteristics

Dracosylph speak in quiet voices and, in general, have grey or white-scaled skin which pales slightly as they age (Purple Dracosylph are actually purple or violet, Black Dracosylph are black or very dark grey/blue), with piercing blue or violet eyes that stare intelligently out of their solid faces, often without blinking. The race is possessed of great agility and strength, but also wit and their elders are known for their great wisdom. They are characterised by a fondness for long flowing clothes and pennants of light airy material. Clothing is not so much of a requirement for Dracosylph, who do not feel the cold of their mountainous homes, instead, it is an opportunity to show their social status, tribal affiliations and arts.


An organised people, the great majority of the Dracosylph live in Tribal Houses which are lead by the nobles of their race; they, in turn, are advised by a council of House Elders and Seers. The Houses are the cornerstone of Dracosylph society and members of one will proudly display their House Colours, whilst those without a House will generally be looked down on or pitied. Community is everything to them and all tasks and troubles will be shared by an entire House: be it hunting, mourning, celebrating, or caring for the young and the elderly, with each House abiding by a set of Oaths. For a Dracosylph to leave their family and go off into the world alone is thus a fairly rare occurrence and will always be accompanied by great ceremony, be it the somber Ritual of Exile, or a trip to the next House.

The Seers:
The Dracosylph's Seers are very important to their people and they are deeply respected. Their magic gives them a strong connection to Great White, whom the Dracosylph revere above all, her word considered as sacred as that of Lord Arios or Lady Siriona.

The Dracosylph are a society that strongly values martial deed, especially heroics against The Void, for the Dracosylph feel it is a sacred duty to fight The Void and continually strive to prove to themselves and the other races that the great enemy can be conquered. In war they often fight in strict formations, each with its own specialisation in terms of weaponry and armour, but they excel as skirmish and gorilla warriors, where the natural agility and strength of The Winter Warrior come to the fore.

Rite of Passage:
The Dracosylph maintain a savage Rite of Passage, where parties of young Dracosylph must hunt down and kill Werewolves in the Savage Mountains, which border Lyrzeria. Any who fail in this task run the risk of being ostracised and cast out from Dracosylph society, especially if they were born to House Dyrycnyzyr, however, most houses are willing to accept an individual that completes their rite at a later date and some Houses, like Kyryll and Ytyvyr, are somewhat more forgiving to start with.

Rite of Partnership:
The Rites of Partnership are the marriage rite of the Dracosylph. Unlike most marriage rites, this one doesn't require any form of adjudication or observation by other individuals and there are no specifications as to the genders or numbers involved. As with many of the Dracosylph's Rites, this one takes the form of a ritual hunt, where the participants must slay a named creature then consume its heart. This hunt may last for weeks and will often take the participants across great swathes of the Lyrzerian tundra.

The Dracosylph have only one vowel in their language, it is, as seen above in the tribal names 'Y', which is used instead of 'A', 'E', 'I', 'O' or 'U'. This does not see to hamper their tongue at all and their language uses a wide range of sounds drawn from that vowel.

Prayers and Poems:
A selection of common prayers and poems of the Dracosylph.

Individuals of Note or Renown:
There have been several famous and/or infamous Dracosylph since their inclusion in The Elemental Union. Undoubtedly, the leaders of the houses, being nobles, are fairly well known, but probably the most infamous Dracosylph are currently Astor the Red and Skyrych Wytwyng.

The Dracosylph guard great secrets and sheltered among their lands are the last surviving lines of the Morigena; this ‘king’ and his households work closely with the Dracosylph and under the guidance of Great White to fight against The Void.

Racial Advantage

Dracosylph are tough and robust humanoid creatures who get +3 bonus Hit Points to all Locations and may have Natural Weaponry in the form of claws (however, the skill Natural Weapons must be developed in order to use them effectively). In Addition, a Dracosylph character may choose to be from one of the following Tribal Houses, though doing so is not a requirement.

Racial Disadvantage

Lethargy marks the Dracosylph as Dragon kin, they require at least fifty per cent more sleep than other races (assume an average person sleeps for 8 hours) and will often sleep for whole days on end if given the chance. In addition, whilst in hot climates the Dracosylph become weakened and lose all bonus Hit Points gained through their Racial Advantage.

The Tribal Houses of the Dracosylph

House Dyrycnyzyr: (Pronounced 'Dee-Rye-Ken-Ee-Zeer')

Located in southern Lyrzeria. Unlike the rest of the Dracosylph race, those of House Dyrycnyzyr settled first and settled in what became known as the Great Hunting Woods of Lyrzeria, to hone their skills as hunters and to be among the first line of defenders for the Dracosylph race, testing themselves to the limits that the icy wastes and woods has to offer. They are responsible for the origin of the harsh rites of adulthood that all Dracosylph must go through, in that to be recognised as an adult, a Dracosylph must venture into the Savage Mountains and kill a Werewolf. To this extent the members of this house are among the more cunning of their people, and adept at travelling and hunting. The pelts of slain werewolves are used in a strange ritual known only to the house by their Seers. They have a close relationship with House Ytvyr.
Ruler: King Vyrsytyr Dyrycnyzyr.
House Colours: Red, Brown, Black, White.
Notes: They enjoy a good relationship with their neighbours, the Morigena in the Morigena Kingdom, and have become close in the sharing of hunting techniques, giving rise to the Wastelands Hunter Skill List listed within the entry for the Morigena.
House Benefit: Adult Members of this house gain a +1 to the skills of Tracking and Stealth versus Werewolves.
House Disadvantage: Adult members of this house may not use 'Dodge' versus attacks from Werewolves, be they Mundane or Enchanted in origin.

House Kyryll: (Pronounced 'Kye-Rill')

Located in North-Western Lyrzeria. This settlement of Dracosylph was made up of those from House Dyrycnyzyr and those from House Ytvyr. With strong ties to both Houses, these Dracosylph shared the Dyrycnyzyr allegiance with the Morigena, and possessed the Ytvyr talent for magic. The combination of the two allowed for the development of Ice Magic. Those who descend from members of House Kyryll make strong Ice Mages.
Ruler: Earl Hyyth Kyryll.
House Colours: White, Pale Blue, Mint Green.
Notes: Many of the Dracosylph Ice Mages will have descended from member of House Kyryll, although this is not a hard ruling.
House Benefit: Adult Members of this house gain a +1 to the skill of The Ice Mage whilst in cold climates.
House Disadvantage: Adult members of this house will have to spend an additional +2 Mana Points per spell they cast when in hot climates.

House Lyzynthys: (Pronounced 'Lye-Zin-This')

Located in North Eastern Lyrzeria. Much like their cousins of House Strychy, the Dracosylph that settled in the North Eastern corner of Lyrzeria focused on becoming strong of body. At one of the harshest of landscapes in Lyrzeria, they too became dedicated to survival, and became fierce warriors, following a military like lifestyle. While some developed their skills into that of the Winter Warrior, the members of House Lyzanthis became much more disciplined. Through the belief that they should be strong without the use of magic, they shunned it almost entirely, to the point of becoming almost resistant to it, though they still seek advice from the Seers. In times of war, it is this House that leads the Dracosylph army.
Ruler: General Brygrych Lyzynthys.
House Colours: Black, White, Green.
Notes: To outsiders, the members of House Lyzynthys seem cold and somewhat uncaring, but their loyalty to each other, and indeed the Dracosylph race as a whole, is paramount.
House Benefit: Adult Members of this house gain +1 Hits per Location, and +1 to their damage call in cold environments. No matter where they are, they take half damage from any invasive ‘Enchanted’ Magic cast upon them.
House Disadvantage: Adult members of this house may not learn magic or use anything other than natural weapons. Protective or positive effect spells cast upon them cost double the Mana Points for the caster.

House Ryncryr: (Pronounced 'Rin-CrEEr')

Located in Eastern Lyrzeria, this settlement of the Dracosylph, much like the founders of Houses Ytvyr and Kyryll, were found to possess a natural talent for magic, and developed and honed these skills, becoming a force to be reckoned with when it came to casting the Magic of Air. Particularly adept in Ritual Magic and Air Magic alike, members of this House bear a strong bond with Lord Arios, following him most religiously, devoting their lives to his worship, and are mostly made up of members and disciples of The Church of Arios.
Ruler: Kylynd Ryncryr, High Priestess of Arios.
House Colours: Pale Blue, Pale Yellow, White.
Notes: The devotion of their lives to worshipping Lord Arios means that this particular House is fairly reclusive, other than those who very occasionally venture outside of Lyrzeria to spread their teachings, often accompanied by Paladins.
House Benefit: Adult Members of this house gain +1 Free Level of ‘The Priest’ Skill List (as described later in this rule book).
House Disadvantage: Adult members of this house may never buy any of their combat skills to Level Five, as the devotion of their lives to the Church has left little time for any in-depth combat training.

House Strychy: (Pronounced 'Str-Eye-chEE')

Located in Northern Lyrzeria. This particular settlement of Dracosylph had its roots made up of those who dedicated themselves to the strengthening of their physical being, in order to survive in this most Northern point of Lyrzeria. Strength of spirit and body was of the utmost importance to surviving the harshest of climates, and out of this the skill of the Winter Warrior was born. Their strength in combat made them amongst the strongest warriors amongst the Dracosylph, although those who had developed this skill remained amongst some of the most compassionate and loyal Dracosylph, remembering that having also strength of heart was also important.
Ruler: Earl Lyrstryl Strychy.
House Colours: Purple, Dark Blue, White.
Notes: Many of the Dracosylph Winter Warriors will have descended from members of House Strychy, although this is not a hard and fast ruling.
House Benefit: Adult Members of this house gain +1 Hits per Location on top of their Racial Advantage and they also gain +1 to their Natural Weapons Skill when in harsh winter environments, if this takes the skill above the standard limit of ‘Five’, they may elect to use the additional call of ‘Knock-Back’.
House Disadvantage: Adult members of this house temporarily lose a level of The Winter Warrior Skill List when in the Nations of Luustrokk, Khayeim, Grun and the Burning Sands.

House Yssyyl: (Pronounced 'Yiss-EE-el')

Located in Western Lyrzeria, to the North West of House Dyrycnyzyr, the members of this Dracosylph House also adopted the ways of the hunter, whilst developing their skills of Stealth and Tracking they found themselves working closely with those who had founded House Dyrycnyzyr, sharing in their passion for hunting. Within the House, they perform a "Hunting Prayer" each time they go on a hunt, which some say grants them the gift of Stealth.
Ruler: Earl Strygyl Yssyyl.
House Colours: Grey, Black, Pale Blue.
Notes: These Dracosylph are known to be cunning, some may even say sly…
House Benefit: Adult Members of this house gain +1 to Stealth after spending five minutes saying the "Hunting Prayer", although they must also have Lore: House Yssyyl at Level Three to have learnt it. The bonus from the prayer lasts for one event, and turns their ‘Mundane’ Stealth into ‘Enchanted’ Stealth.
House Disadvantage: Adult members of this House may not make use of Dodges, be they ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’, and they do not use Two-Handed Weapons.

House Ytvyr: (Pronounced 'EEt-Veer')

Located in Central Lyrzeria, closely linked to House Dyrycnyzyr, this was the location for the second settlement of Dracosylph. Whilst those of House Dyrycnyzyr busied themselves with hunting, those of House Ytvyr honed their skills of meditation and insight, becoming the first amongst the Dracosylph Seers, settling in Central Lyrzeria, just South East of Great White's Eyrie. It is due to them that the Spire of the Seers exists, providing guidance and advice to those who seek it. The members of House Ytvyr are amongst the most intelligent of their people, adept in scholarly matters and magic.
Ruler: Earl Dyrkyn Ytvyr, mated with Syry, the sister of King Vyrsytyr Dyrycnyzyr.
House Colours: White, Pale Blue, Grey.
Notes: Many of the Dracosylph Seers will have descended from members of House Ytvyr, although this is not a hard ruling.
House Benefit: Adult Members of this house gain a +1 to the skill of ‘The Seer’ whilst in cold climates.
House Disadvantage: Adult members of this house have to spend an additional +2 Mana Points when casting any magic in hot climates.

Dracosylph Racial Skill Lists


The Ice Mage:

Through their alliance with the Morigena, the Dracosylph have learnt to understand the combinations of water with air and through this, they have developed the strange mystical arts of Ice Magic.

Level One: Sense through Ice (Spell)/ Ice Lore: This spell allows the magic user to extend their senses across the proximity of the ice in the localised region (equal the scale of the Event when it is used, with additional Mana being required to be cast for more extensive ranges).

Level Two: Armour of Ice (Spell): Grants the Target of the Spell Immunity to all Mundane Attacks.

Level Three: Ice Crafting (Spell): This spell allows the magic user to reshape Ice, or turn water to ice if there is no ice available.

Level Four: Lesser Ice Bolt (Spell): The Ice Bolt does an ‘Enchanted Triple’ to one targeted location.

Level Five: Greater Ice Bolt (Spell): Does an 'Enchanted Global Quad Through' to one target.

The Seer:

Seer’s are a great and respected thing among the society of the Dracosylph; this is perhaps because Seeing magic is a lower form of Dragon Magic.

Level One: Sense Fate & Fortune (Spell): This spell enables the Seer to see into either the immediate past or future of a target (24 hours). Seeing the past must be cast separate to seeing the future. An extended time frame may be scryed into at a cost of +1 Mana per extra 24 hours. Seers understand that the future is never wholly accurate and it may be changed.

Level Two: Mystical Defence (Spell): The Seer, with the casting of this spell may grant the Dracosylph target the chance to dodge two attacks of their choice, either ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’ in nature. Additional dodges may be created at a rate of +1 Mana Point per +1 extra Dodge.

Level Three: Commune with Dragons (Spell): By casting this spell, the Seer may open a two-way telepathic channel to a dragon of their choice, providing the dragon is known to the caster. This only works if the dragon is on the same plane of existence as the Seer.

Level Four: Dragon's Sight (Spell): The spell gifts the Seer with True Dragon Sight for the duration of the spell. Anything concealed by ‘Mundane’, ‘Enchanted’ or ‘Divine’ means appears before their eyes when they cast their gaze upon any given location. Use of this spell can cause temporary or permanent madness or blindness, so it is a magic to be used with great caution.

Level Five: The Dragon's Bond: This ability allows the Seer to bond with a willing dragon, allowing them the chance to explore higher ‘Dragon Magic’. Use of this ability requires the expenditure of a Fate Point to bind with a dragon as the effects are permanent, it does however grant Complete Immunity to ‘Mundane’ and ‘Enchanted’ Mind Effects.

Note: The bond through this ability is of a different nature to those who are Dragonbound, and dos not interfere with those deeper bonds. Though perhaps through a dragon, the Seer may be able to contact it's rider.

The Winter Warrior:

The Dracosylph pride themselves on their ability to survive in the frozen wastelands of Lyrzeria. This skill list represents the best of their warriors, with a nod towards the late and great Mr. D. Gemmell also, a source of inspiration in many areas of the ELEMENT world.

Level One: Hard as the Land: The Dracosylph gain +1 Hits to all Locations.

Level Two: Winters Edge: The scales of the Dracosylph are hardened and enable them to ignore 'Single' and 'Double' mundane damage calls.

Level Three: Icy Touch: The Scales of the Dracosylph Winter Warrior have grown to an extent that they may now cause additional damage to Sharp Weaponry. Three times per day, when struck with a sharp weapon, the Dracosylph may call 'Break Weapon', making the weapon useless until it is repaired. This does not affect Enchanted Weapons, only Mundane or Standard Crafted Weaponry.

Level Four: Strength of Dragons: The Dracosylph gains +4 Hits to all Locations thanks to the nature of their draconic blood.

Level Five: Enchanted Claws: Attacks with natural weaponry (Claws and Teeth) are now ‘Enchanted’ and a bite may also make a location 'Numb', making it useless to use for five minutes, the Bite may be used Five Times per Day.

The Wastelands Hunter

A skill developed alongside the Morigena…

Level One: Hunters Instinct: Once per Day, the character may rediscover a ‘Mundane’ trail that has been lost.

Level Two: Movement of the Hunter: Adept at moving fast and silently, the Wastelands Hunter is an agile character and gains the dodge ability twice per day versus Mundane Attacks.

Level Three: Hunters Senses: The character gain a +3 Tracking & Stealth bonus when hunting in Lyrzeria, The Morigena Kingdom, The Savage Mountains or The Zarian Wastes. Outside of those named, they receive no +3 bonus.

Level Four: Strength of the Predator: The Hunter has learnt to adapt even better to the environment and by hunting with the Dracosylph, gaining +4 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Predator's Strike: Providing the Hunter has stealth level five and the appropriate combat skill to be used at level five, the hunter may now deliver a ‘Fatal’ blow to their prey, once per day, with this skill – regardless of the inherent hits the prey has, the fatal blow reduces the prey to their death count (unless of course they are undead – in which case the strike will destroy them – unless enchanted means are required, though if an enchanted weapon is used, this skill will work against all prey*).

* Elemental Lords and Ladies and certain creatures are not included in this loose category – if in doubt please ask the Referee before striking and they will clarify for you.

The Dracosylph may also learn The Way of the Lammasu.

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