The Dragon Riders

The Dragon Riders are an elite, special caste most famously known to be Fey-Sidious who are associated with the Black Dragons and a force of the Void. But this is slowly emerging to be not quite the truth, though it seems a matter of terms in that the Void has Dragon Riders, the Elemental Union has Dragonbound.

The Fey-Sidious Dragon Riders are the elite of their race, sleeping, living, tending and bonding with the Black Dragons, taking flight once a year to cause mayhem and fear wherever they descend. Their time while the Black Dragons sleep is spent in ritual and ceremony, rarely are they deployed into battle without their dragons, but it is not an impossibility.

They suffered heavy losses in the recent events known as the Time of Dragon Magic.

The Dragon Riders Skill List:

Level One: Blood of the Dragon: The character has bonded with the dragon and gained a strengthening of the mind, allowing them to change the outcome of one simple test, once per day in their favour.

Level Two: Dragon Senses: Everything around the character becomes more attuned to them so they see and sense things clearer, granting the character +2 Dodges per day versus Mundane and Enchanted attacks.

Level Three: Strength of the Dragon: The Dragonbound character gains +3 Hits to all Locations now the connection has become so much stronger between the character and the dragon.

Level Four: Aura of the Dragon: x4 Times per day, the Dragonbound can summon forth the aura shared with the dragon to strengthen their own physical presence, neutralising any attempts to intimidate, compel or influence them versus mundane or enchanted attempts, this also includes the possession of Ethereal Lords and Blood Magic of Vampires. The Aura lasts for 4 minutes.

Level Five: Kiss of the Dragon: x5 Times per day, the Rider can connect with their dragon and delve deep into the power of the connection to vomit forth Dragon Venom, using the powerful shout "Yol-Toor-Shul", which causes an Enchanted Quad Global Wound*, disintegrating bare flesh to the bone or destroying equipment, even if it is Master-Crafted.

Foot Note: It is unknown if Great Black has bonded with a rider yet, it certainly seemed like the avatar of Lord Math had chosen Karazon of the Black, but Karazon being decapitated by Rana Dae put an end to that…

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