The Dragon Riders

The Dragon Riders are an elite, special caste most famously known to be Fey-Sidious who are associated with the Black Dragons and a force of the Void. But this is slowly emerging to be not quite the truth, though it seems a matter of terms in that the Void has Dragon Riders, the Elemental Union has Dragonbound.

The Fey-Sidious Dragon Riders are the elite of their race, sleeping, living, tending and bonding with the Black Dragons, taking flight once a year to cause mayhem and fear wherever they descend. Their time while the Black Dragons sleep is spent in ritual and ceremony, rarely are they deployed into battle without their dragons, but it is not an impossibility.

They suffered heavy losses in the recent events known as the Time of Dragon Magic and were defeated during 'The Sum of All Things', which since that conclusion, the Black Dragons have kept themselves in isolation for the opening of 'The Age of Dragons', this is in spite of the fact that Black Dragons may be as active as they choose in equal standing to the dragons of the Elemental Union.

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