The Elemental Plane Of Water

The Elemental Plane of Water is the dominion of Lord Morian and Lady Yaleena, which in recent years had been the scenes of much strife, especially to its main native inhabitants, the Aqualonians. The crisis occurred following rebellion among powerful elemental beings that had grown in power during the absence of Lord Morian, and culminated when the Void agitated matters and released the Leviathan from the Abyss.

But this in itself set in motion a chain of events that saw the return of Lord Morian, and the rebuilding of Aqualonia and the combined power of Lord Morian and Lady Yaleena bring the renegade elemental beings into line.


On its primary level, the Elemental Plane of Water is a series of seemingly endless oceans, centered around the large coral mass that forms the nation of Aqualonia - but the Elemental Plane of Water is so much more, above sea level there is The Mists which forms what passes for the sky; as you go below sea level first you must pass through The Shallows, down into The Undersea and then further down still into the Deep. The Deep is where the Abyss lies, dormant now the power of Lord Morian and Lady Yaleena has been combined and reaffirmed their domination of the realm.


In the long absence of Lord Morian, six elemental beings grew in power, first through assisting Lady Yaleena, but then growing further still by courting rebellion and making deals with the Void for greater power, plotting to overthrow the Lady in hope of ruling the realm for themselves.

With the release of the Leviathan, this scheme took an uncontrollable turn which soon spiralled out of the reach of the ambitions of the rebels, and through sacrifice and endeavour, it was revealed the Leviathan was an aspect of the missing Lord Morian, who was consequently reunited with the split aspects of his power by a few brave heroes of Urutau.

Lord Morian consequently made the rebels acknowledge the true power of the realm and forced them to go back to their duties as intended.

The rebels were Lord Croal, Lady Feer, Lady Bysa, Lord Mothaf, Lord Teid and Lady Vawe, who remain powerful Elementals, risen above the standard Water Elemental's, but subservient to the powers of the true masters of the realm. Their realms of influence exist around the edges of the Elemental Plane of Water, outer kingdoms if you like that ring the circling ocean within which Aqualonia resides within. These former rebels are all considered to be Primal Focus Elementals.


This small nation is the most easily accessible one on the Elemental Plane of Water, with the Aqualonians sharing many aspects with the races of the Morigena and the Nimorians on Urutau, but enjoying the benefits of both races combined.

When the Leviathan was released and their nation laid to ruin, they fled the realm and became refugees on the material plane of Urutau, finding asylum with the Morigena and the Nimorians. They assisted in the return of Lord Morian, and subsequently returned home to rebuild their nation.

Other Residents:

Around the edges of Aqualonia, there are five colonies of Sea Nymphs who enjoy alliances with the Aqualonians.
It is said two other races, also call this realm home. Both live under the sea, the Calatamori being one, the other unknown by name but known to be a hostile race.

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