The Endless Sea

The Endless Sea is the vague, expansive stretch of water that covers the Elemental Plane of Water that can be sailed for eternity it is said, without finding land beyond that of Aqualonia, which sits in the heart of the realm. But the further one sails, the more likely a ship is to encounter the Primal Forces that reside in kingdoms of their own, known as 'The Rebel Kingdoms' for their history, they are independent forces that would have rivalled and conspired to overthrow Lady Yaleena, but submitted to the rule of the Lady once Lord Morian returned, and have been suppressed since then - any action taken against them for their conspiracies is unknown, that they retain their kingdoms is something to be debated, the minds of gods is hard to fathom.

Travel out into the Endless Sea leads to six Kingdoms of Primal Force Elementals, they are:

1: Lord Croal, whose Kingdom is to the north east somewhere of Aqualonia.
2: Lady Feer, whose Kingdom is to the east somewhere of Aqualonia.
3: Lady Bysa, whose Kingdom is to the south east somewhere of Aqualonia.
4: Lord Mothaf, whose Kingdom is to the south somewhere of Aqualonia.
5: Lord Teid, whose Kingdom is to the south west somewhere of Aqualonia.
6: Lady Vawe, whose Kingdom is to the west of Aqualonia.

Each lead a powerful selection of Elemental Forces of Water, their exact numbers have never been determined, the size and exact locations of their realms unknown to the Aqualonians.

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