The Faithless

The Faithless are among the most horrid of things, Dwarves who have fallen from grace and care not for the words and oaths of their ancestry or current kin. Something the Void loves to break in a Gornang, for it is all the more sweeter to know one has fallen from such inbred social strength.

Level One: Enchanted Lie: The lies of the Faithless have superiority over mundane means of detection.

Level Two: Take the Pain: Twice per day, the Faithless can ignore a mundane attack, no matter what its damage level is (Enchanted Damage cannot be ignored).

Level Three: Cause Fear: Three times per day, the Faithless can instil fear and panic in a target and cause them to run away for three minutes (does not work if the target is 'Cool').

Level Four: Awakened: The Faithless may learn Magic.

Level Five: Blacksmith: The Faithless may make Vidian Steel and Enchanted Weaponry for the servants of the Void.

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