The Fallen Ten


The Fallen Ten, are the circle of Master Assassins that were all lost to the vampiric curse. Their deaths left a hole of the hearts of their fans.

The Ten

Zesyryl Memnio

The previous head of the Guild. Female

Olostra Talle

The Youngest of the Ten. Female

Briza Lilok

Not much was known about her. Female

Solmyr Memnio

The eldest son of Zesyryl. Male

Lysyntra Tremayne

The best archer to every grace the Guild. Female

Iyma Memnio

Memnio by Marriage, second wife of Zesyryl. Female

Urlzen Hoeth

A Quiet man but his face said everything. Male

Dreslin Zyn

It's said he paid his way into this position, but it didn't make him any less feared. Male

Tallas Shimnien

Well known for using his magic to his advantage. Male

Laele Savaryn

She was known best for her signature move, removing the hearts of her killings. Female

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