The Farvalyn Tribe

The Farvalyn tribe of the Queldi honour the traditional ways of life in Quelas, in their north eastern plains where they congregate about the great oppidum of 'Dor-Estel'. They are renowned as horsemen, both as good breeders of horse and their skill in training and riding them in normal life and battle. They have never declared loyalty to the Wrotan Republic and have continued to resist the dominion of the Wrotan Empire, they are opposed to the Seaworthy tribe, yet had sworn loyalty to High King Lorican before his mysterious disappearance.

Duke Game Play Mechanics:

Economy: Low.
Military: High.
Technology: High (Horse Breeding).
Magic: Average.
Population: High.

Notes: Due to their more, reclusive style of life and opposition to the Thane, their resources are not as high as they could be.

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