The Fey Sirona

The Fey-Sirona are the elves of Air and its champion race. But they are a dying race with less than a thousand believed now to be alive across Urutau, a race who have always been prepared and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their honour and for the greater good of the Elemental Union.

They had survived for the longest time now out of the last of their flying cities Menyel-Tiriona, but in the effort to help the Gornang who were being overrun by the Wrotan Empire, the city came into battle with the Dragon Riders of the Fey-Sidious and it was a casualty in the battle. Fey-Sirona Owl Riders simply could not compete with dragons despite their valiant efforts to keep them away from the city.

The loss of the final city sealed a fate that had begun when the Fey-Sirona brought about the end of the Age of the Void in which all the other cities were sacrificed. What fate awaited the survivors was unknown, their sacred duty to combat the Ethereal Lords seemed that they were hopelessly outnumbered and many wondered if it is time for the Dracosylph to be chosen as the new champion race for Air before it was too late.

But Daimyo Fuesheshi Noryato of the White Dragon Clan, King of the Fey-Sirona took action while the Elemental Union fought the Wrotan Empire, sending agents to repair the last city, ordering it transported to the Elemental Plane of Fire, Menyel-Tiriona was once more active and armed with the craftsmanship of the Angpyre; subsequently, following the liberation of Wroth Gelrahan late in 912AoF, Menyel-Tiriona returned to Urutau and took its place in the efforts to drive out the Ethereal Lords from Khayeim.

History: The age of Air was the time of greatness for the Fey-Sirona and their influences over the world of Urutau. They were the guiding hand to all, not only their brethren among the element of Air.

During the Age of the Void they were among the frontline of the fight, doing everything they could to save lives and do what they could to stop the corruption. To this end, the Fey-Sirona made one of the great sacrifices of the world, sacrificing their flying cities and populations to all but the last one in an effort to save the Fomori from their Void taint. With the aid of allies they achieved this and thus brought about an end to the Age of the Void.

The Fey-Sirona entered the Age of Fire with a guiding hand on what they perceived the future for the world – The Wrotan Republic, monitoring everything from their last floating city ‘Menyel–Tiriona’. Many admit their line is dying out, but they remain vigilant against the Void, even to the last.

Physical Characteristics: The Immortal Fey–Sirona dress almost always in flowing robes of varying colours and vibrancy and have pointed ears and pale flesh, their hair is usually long and tied back. In times of war, they make use of all weapons and armour, favouring the Katana as their weapon of choice and elaborate armour made of hardened leather.

Culture: The last floating city of the Fey–Sirona ‘Menyel–Tiriona’ is ruled by the last Kingly line of these High Elves and supported by a dwindling line of five noble clans. The Fey–Sirona are a race who love all things and seek to guide all they come across to fulfilling the maximum potential within themselves, they are a forgiving people bound with compassion for righteousness and justice for all and it is this strength which brought the Fomori back from the influence of the Void and why they as a race remain the chosen of the element of Water.

Racial Advantage: A Divine Blessing was placed upon them - Intangibility – at their will and requiring a three-second count, a Fey–Sirona may turn completely intangible, becoming ethereal, or non-corporeal and Immune to all forms of Mundane and Enchanted Magic, swords swung at them will simply pass through their ethereal bodies, as will Magic Spells – the exception to this rule is Enchanted Weaponry, which Fey-Sirona remain vulnerable to.

This ability also allows the Fey–Sirona to walk through solid objects that would otherwise inhibit them and is an ability that may be advanced with games master approval. It also takes a three second countdown for the Fey–Sirona to become tangible once again.

Items and clothing not bound will fall to the floor, binding an item is one experience or skill point at character creation per item, i.e. Clothing (counts as one), a weapon or armour (counts as one also). Whilst intangible the Fey–Sirona may not cast magic to affect the Mundane world, their bound weapons do however providing they call ‘Enchanted’ damage.

Racial Disadvantage: The Fey–Sirona are fragile people and begin game play with a -1 to Base Hits that cannot be recovered. Furthermore it takes the Fey–Sirona twice as long to heal wounds and any healing done only has half effect.

Notes: The Fey–Sirona are based on classic High Elves, ancient Japanese Samurai and the Jedi Knights from Star Wars.

The Clans of the Fey-Sirona:

Fey-Sirona Clans: White Dragon Clan (Ruling), Gold Phoenix Clan, Grey Owl Clan, Silver Eagle Clan, Blue Crane Clan and Bronze Hawk Clan.
Full details of the Clans and their advantages and disadvantages can be found here.

Fey Sirona Skill Lists

The Maiko: Being the entrance (student) level skill list before a Fey-Sirona may become a fully qualified Geisha. It is primarily studied by the females of the race, though does cater for males also.


Level One: Shikomi: This Tea ceremony restores Mana Points to all participants at a rate of +1 Mana every five minutes sat there while the Maiko performs the ceremony.

Level Two: Grace: The Maiko never loses their footing or may be forced to fall over through any ‘Mundane’ means and this includes calls of ‘Knock-Back’ or ‘Knock-Down’.

Level Three: Minarai: From the point of gaining this skill level, the Maiko pays -1 Experience Points less on all future skills.

Level Four: Tea Ceremony: The Maiko may remove a total of four temporary Void Points during a Tea Ceremony. The Tea Ceremony bonus can be shared between multiple targets, but only a maximum of four points may be removed during one sitting. The ceremony take 20 minutes to perform and Void Point removal is done with the consent of the overseeing Referee at the end of the ceremony.

Level Five: Maiko: The Level Four ‘Tea Ceremony’ is now automatically successful, and may include up to five guests now. A Maiko may perform Tea Ceremony up to Five times per Event.

Dropping Out:
Failing to complete the Maiko list means the Maiko can never become a fully ordained and respected Geisha, the only path similar to the Geisha that remains an option to them is the path of the Oiran.

The Oiran: Not all Fey-Sirona complete the Maiko School of Social Education or become official Geisha, in Fey-Sirona society they are referred to as the Oiran.


Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for becoming an Oiran, though it is more often than not a Fey-Sirona profession, or led by the Fey-Sirona. Therefore, other races may become Oiran but its real relevance is focused in Menyel-Tiriona and any non-Fey-Sirona Oiran will always struggle there.

Level One: Reflexes: The Oiran has one Mundane Dodge per Day.

Level Two: Oiran Costume: The Dress and make-up of the Oiran provides +2 Hits per Location as though it was worn armour.

Level Three: Patron: The Oiran has a mid-level Fey-Sirona noble patron to support them; this is for more plot-based reasons and background than anything else and will require Referee Inclusion.

Level Four: Control: The Oiran is always in control of their emotions and may never be subjected to mind effects by external sources so long as they are Mundane in origin.

Level Five: Seduction: The Oiran has the Mundane skills to automatically seduce a target without fail up to five times per event; a target who has Mundane 'Cool' must win a simple test to resist or they must accept the Seduction.

Owl Riders: The Fey-Sirona sometimes travel to the Elemental Plane of Air to seek out the giant Owls of C'Ryl, petitioning them to allow them the right to fly them and become bound by eternal trust in the fight between the Elemental Union and the Void.

Prerequisite: Must be Fey-Sirona, and then they must travel to the Elemental Plane of Air and petition the Giant Owls (not available at Character Creation).

Level One: Eyes of the Owl: The Rider and Owl have created a bond that they can see through each other’s eyes so as to assist high altitude, high flight and for searching the ground, and as such they may add together any Tracking they both possess.

Level Two: Wind of the Wing: Twice per Event, the Owl Rider may summon their owl to descend and cause a mass 'Mundane Knock-Down' to everyone in the local area, except for the rider who will be unaffected.

Level Three: Agility of Air: The owl and rider have increased agility in the air and on the ground due to the lightning reflexes gained by flying at high speeds. As such they gain +3 dodges per day versus ‘Mundane’ attacks.

Level Four: Scream of the Owl: The Rider has learned to scream like the Owl, causing ‘Mundane Fear’ to anyone who hears this terrifying scream as the owl even from the sky may cry out to echo and add its voice to that of the rider (must be outside and not within buildings).The rider gains four uses of ‘MASS FEAR’ per Event, characters must flee the area unless they are 'Cool' or in possession of other Immunities to Mundane Mind-Effects.

Level Five: Death from Above: The Rider can call the Owl down from the skies to attack from above, crushing a single foe with its razor sharp talons. Use of this skill requires notifying the Referee Team to take effect. A call of ‘Owl Attack, Global Quad Crush Knock Down’ will be delivered to the target with suitable description to be given and fifteen seconds of build up with appropriate role play. The character has one use per Event and the target victim must lay prone for ten seconds after the attack, if they survive…

The Ronin: A character who for one reason or another, either through being expelled from Fey-Sirona society or by choice, has chosen to 'wander the earth' and go it alone in an attempt to redeem themselves or prove something to themselves or their peers. Ronin may or may not continue to follow, or rather honour the Samurai code, but Fey-Sirona Samurai are forbidden from helping Ronin. In some cases, Masters may manipulate the fates of Samurai and Ronin, especially with the decrease in Fey-Sirona numbers since the end of the Age of the Void. Masters may through their manipulation, aid Ronin indirectly, especially if a Ronin was from a Masters school or is of kindred to them.

Level One: Sense Motive: Ronin can, once per day, sense the motives of one target they have watched for five minutes. The Ronin must speak to a Referee and be observed studying their target before being given the required information.

Level Two: Will to Survive: The Ronin has the tenacity and force of will to survive the most terrible of wounds, so that faced with their death count or unconsciousness, they can twice per event, ignore wound penalties in order to crawl or limp away and find a place of sanctuary and be healed.

This does not restore any hits or heal any wounds, it simply allows the character a chance, when they should have none, to find a healer. This does not negate a Death Count.

Level Three: Strength of the Sword: The Ronin gains +3 Hits to all Locations so long as they are in contact with, and remain so, with their sword.

Level Four: Honour of the Sword: The sword of the Ronin becomes one with the Ronin and now delivers 'Enchanted' damage.

Note: A Samurai who ends up as a Ronin loses the ability of 'Honour of the Sword' until they reach this level, by then the former Samurai is on their way back into the graces of Fey-Sirona society (one would hope!)

Level Five: Seppu-Kai: The use of this skill allows the Ronin to deliver a ‘Fatal Enchanted’ Strike against one target with their sword after they have completed a one minute ritual meditation to focus their mind. The Fatal Enchanted Strike is powered in one strike of the weapon only.

The Samurai: The Fey-Sirona who follows this noble path is a warrior that follows the Code of Bushido, 'Be honourable, protect the Weak, and Defeat the Void'; this skill list gives them the following benefits. The players should also make sure that the sword is bound to the character at character creation (costing One Skill Point):


Level One: Serenity of the Sword: The Samurai is Immune to all Mundane Mind Effects except those induced by personal Void Taint, only so long as the character is not separated from their sword.

Level Two: Strength of the Sword: The Samurai is Immune to Mundane 'Singles' and 'Doubles' as long as the Samurai is in contact with their sword.

Level Three: Justice of the Sword: The Samurai can sense the Void Taint or Guilt in a character within five meters of them. The Samurai can tell the difference and amount also. In addition the Samurai is now ‘Immune’ to all ‘Enchanted Mind Effects’ that may be used against them, except for those induced by Void Taint.

Level Four: Honour of the Sword: The Samurai's Sword becomes one with the Samurai and now delivers 'Enchanted' damage.

Level Five: Way of the Sword: The bond between the sword and the Samurai is now complete so that while the two are together they are a mighty ‘Enchanted’ combination! The Sword is considered to be indestructible! While the Samurai gains +5 Hits per Location. If the two are separated they both lose these bonuses. When the Samurai dies the sword will disintegrate.

Note: The term 'Sword' does not mean the skill list absolutely requires a sword to work - the Samurai may instead choose to use a dagger or a mace, or even a bow. the use of sword is because it is traditional and sounds more romantic!

The Shugenja: A dedicated Fey-Sirona Mage, they study and have fused both the spiritual with the magical, as such taking this skill list requires the character to be a Magic User.


Level One: Enchanted Dodge: The Shugenja may dodge any one attack once per day, be it ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’.

Level Two: Flicker: The skill to use the Fey-Sirona racial ability of becoming incorporeal to dodge attacks twice per day, working versus ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’ attacks.

Level Three: Natural Air Manipulation: The Shugenja can manipulate the element of Air as a natural ability without the need to cast magic – in the greater scheme of things this counts as a Mundane Ability.

Level Four: Enhanced Natural Air Manipulation: The natural ability of the Shugenja to manipulate the element of Air advances beyond the Mundane, to count as equal power to ‘Enchanted’, making it equal to the Magic Users ability to cast Elemental Manipulation, though without the need for Mana Points.

Level Five: Thunder Strike (Spell): The Shugenja may cast an area effect spell that does ‘Mass Enchanted Knock-Down’.

The Fey Sirona may also learn The Way of the Lammasu.

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