The Fey Sirona Vampire

The Fey-Sirona Vampire was for a long time a strange hybrid of unknown origin, that was until the time that the legendary hero, Inishi Quorill was rescued from somewhere deep in the Dark Mountains in the early part of the year 914AoF, and the truth of her survival after that fateful day in the Age of the Void was explained.

There was a Vampire lurking in the shadows close to the time that the portal to bring Lord Math into the material world and being a powerful creature, wielded the Orb of Blood. As Inishi Quorill lay there, the last survivor of the three heroes and dying after being defeated by the angered Ethereal Lords, the Vampire appeared and gave power from the Orb into her body to keep her alive. This was the beginning of this line of Undead/ Living Fey-Sirona. Taking away and educated in the new ways of her flesh, Inishi tried to create progeny, but not all Fey-Sirona Vampires survived the birthing process in control of their full mental faculties and grew to be wild, feral dangers to the true Vampires, and they were condemned to the Labyrinth, along with Inishi, who was staked to prevent creating further chaos.

Yet some did survive birth and, seeking independence after the disappearance of Inishi, went on to become members of society in Menyel-Tiriona, most prominently in the Grey Own Clan - some may even walk in the view of Lord Helios - though heavily robed to protect their skin.



A Fey-Sirona Vampire may mate with a Fey-Sirona by the ordinary, old fashioned means - this leads to a child being born as a Fey-Sirona Vampire, the only question that remains is whether the child will grow and develop with civility or with savage ferocity. In addition, a Vampire may embrace a Fey-Sirona and the process of transformation somehow allows for the Vampire to breed with a Fey-Sirona and thus create a Fey-Sirona Vampire. The exact process in how the fusion of powers do not automatically become of the Void is unknown. It is a deep mystery involving the powers accessible through the Orb of Blood.

On Menyel-Tiriona:

A few survived, both male and female. They do not hold as much status in Fey-Sirona society as normal Fey-Sirona, but they have made the roles of Ronin and Oiran their own, wandering Urutau in an attempt to prove their worth and fight the Void according to their strengths and wiles.

ELEMENT Special Rules:

They may be player characters, there are specified rules for creating them to be in play, but are subject to Referee Discretion. There may be only one player character of this type to be in play at any one time. The character should be created using the following Fey-Sirona Vampire Generation Chart:

Priorities Blood Pool Enhanced Toughness Weakness Senses
A 10 +5 Hits Very Low Enchanted
B 8 +4 Hits Low Mundane
C 7 +3 Hits Medium Reduced
D 5 +2 Hits High Reduced

Blood Pool: The Number indicates the size of the vampire’s natural reservoir to contain blood within its system to remain ‘Undead’; vampires lose one blood point at each rising of Lord Helios. Blood may be used to Heal injuries on a one for one basis also and to fuel the use of the Fey-Sirona natural ability of Intangibility. Fey-Sirona vampires do not have the ability to change into animal form, though they may learn it through the use and expenditure of Experience Points.

Enhanced Toughness: The skin of a Fey-Sirona Vampire can endure more than the normal skin of a Fey-Sirona and grants additional Hits to all Locations according to the option taken.


- ‘Very Low’ weakness threshold means the Fey-Sirona Vampire can walk through the day in relative comfort.
- ‘Low’ weakness means they can walk about during daylight hours but must keep their flesh concealed from the direct glare of Helios, less they start to give off a strong scent that will attract creatures of the Void.
- ‘Medium’ weakness means direct sunlight will cause irritation and stop the vampire from being able to use Blood to heal themselves, cloaks will be deemed as adequate cover to stop the effects of the sun.
- ‘High’ weakness means the sunlight will start to cause damage on exposure at a rate of one point of damage per minute of exposure and the vampire may not expend blood to do anything other than rise in sunlight hours.

All Fey-Sirona Vampires are vulnerable to Stakes, as per the Vampire rules as per the ELEMENT Referee Handbook.


- ‘Enchanted’ means they have night vision and a heightened sense of smell, taste and hearing that goes beyond the Mundane.
- ‘Mundane’ means their senses are equal to that of a normal character for their race.
- ‘Reduced’ means that during daylight hours they are limited to half what is normal for their race and they have no night vision either, putting them at a disadvantage to a normal Vampire of the Void.

Using this chart works in addition to the standard chart used in Character Creation. A player wishing to choose a Fey-Sirona Vampire does so if they generate their priorities as normal, i.e., chosen race, etc etc. The choice of being a vampire is done with referee approval and then directed by use of the second chart to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of their vampiric nature.

Example: creating a Fey – Sirona, priorities from the standard chart might be: A – Race, B – Magic User, C- Hits, D- Skill Points and E- 0 Void Points. Then, with approval to be a Fey-Sirona Vampire, the player looks at the vampire chart and chooses accordingly the following: A- Enhanced Toughness (+5 Hits), B- Blood Pool (8), C – Weakness (Medium) and D – Senses (Reduced).

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