The Feydren

The Feydren are Void-Consumed Feygorn, they act as single agents who infiltrate and exploit the weaknesses of their opponents.

Level One: Chameleon Ability: In the presence of the Void the Feydren register as Void Tainted, and vice-versa in the presence of the Elemental Union they do not register as Void-Tainted. In mixed company, they register as Void-tainted.

Level Two: Sly Feet: The Feydren gain +2 Dodges per day.

Level Three: Shadow Lord: The Feydren gains +3 Stealth (can take the Stealth skill above the standard five).

Level Four: Ghost Hands: Four times per day, the Feydren may successfully pick any mundane lock or pocket without fear of failure.

Level Five: Cheat Death: A five times use skill, this allows for the Feydren to have successfully created a shadow version of himself that acts as him, essentially allowing for capture, or death and the option to reveal that it is not in fact the Feydren, but a copy that then disintegrates.

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