The Feygorn

The Feygorn are a race of elves, aligned to the element of Fire, they maintain an isolated kingdom in Luustrokk and are known to prey upon the Fykari to provide them with manual labour forces or opportunities for trade with the Fomori. Feygorn live disciplined lives under the guardianship of the Priesthood and more common than not, excel in skills they possess.


History: The Feygorn have something in common with the Earth based elven kin in that they keep themselves to themselves, in the perception of the outside world, something they decided upon early in the Age of Air after several encounters with the Fykari and through forming a strong dislike for the Fey-Sirona and their dreams of a Utopian Republic.

This led to the rise of the Feygorn Priesthood whose first priority has been the welfare of the Feygorn collective and their connections to the elemental Lord and Lady of Fire. Their practices served them well during the Age of the Void when they furthered their practices of making ‘guests’ of any stray Fykari they could ‘acquire’ and inadvertently aided the fight of the Elemental Union against the Void.

Going into the current Age of Fire the Feygorn continue much as they have done throughout the ages, enjoying a supremacy over the Fykari, but troubled by strange ‘Spider kin’ creatures from the deeps of their subterranean mountain homes. They have been known to send diplomatic envoys to the Wrotan Republic, but favouring their independence few have been witness to what goes on within their dwellings.

Physical Characteristics: Feygorn appearance is red skin and they also possess pointed ears, a feature shared among all the elven races - Feygorn eyes glow yellow or orange. They dress conservatively and efficiently to their profession, their warriors will wear all forms of armour and they make excellent weaponry of their own which is almost equal to the Gornang, who among the races of the world are considered the best. Feygorn are considered at times to be passionless, but this is just a façade and a public demeanour, in private or to close friends they are full of passion and share a lust for life that matches their longevity of life.

Culture: This elven race is a tightly organised people living in subterranean caverns close to volcanic sources and they live in communities ruled by the Priesthood. Due to their tight structure, the Feygorn are very organised and make excellent warriors, they are secular but will occasionally come to the aid of those fighting the Vidians; On the battlefield they are disciplined and thoroughly efficient.

Racial Advantages: With their disciplined nature, Feygorn gain +5 skill points at character creation, which may be spent as additional freebie points. They also possess Natural Thermal Vision as a Mundane Ability that adds +3 to all mundane Tracking.

Racial Disadvantage: Free will can be a problem for Feygorn, even for those who leave Luustrokk and gain independence. As such, all Feygorn characters must pay a price to spend experience points that other races do not, paying an additional +2XP when spending it, regardless of the way in which they choose to expend it.

Skill Lists

The Blade Master: The training programs of the Feygorn subject them to rigorous exercise and gives their warriors access to unique qualities.


Level One: Threat Assessment: After observing a target for twenty seconds the Blade Master may ask a Referee to provide a 'Threat Level' (an approximate power level of the target) and if the target is hostile, if they have not revealed such through actions already.

Level Two: Weapon Specialist: The purchase of Combat Skills for the Blade Master is made without the negative modifier that is the Racial Disadvantage of all standard Feygorn.

Level Three: Critical Blows: Three times per Day, the Blade Master may call 'Through' damage versus an opponent.

Level Four: Dancing Blades: While Dual-Wielding (a Favoured style of the Blade Master) the character moves constantly and is able to call ‘Through’ damage while they are in motion.

Level Five: Critical Strike: After observing a SINGLE opponent for one minute the FIRST attack on that opponent by the Character can call ‘Fatal’ damage. If this blow is parried or misses somehow, the fatal is wasted. This is a skill that may only be used Once per Day, but unlike some other level five skills, this one does not require expending a Fate Point.

The Flame Blessed: They are the elite of the Priesthood and Lord Gorn’s champions and they are the Crusaders of the flames.

Note: You can be a Priest or Paladin of the Church of the Elemental Union and also have this skill list.

Level One: Fire Eyes: The Feygorn gains ‘Enchanted’ Thermal Vision.

Level Two: Weapon Specialist: The purchase of Combat Skills from the 'Field of Batlle' skills section for the Flame Blessed is made without the negative modifier that is the Racial Disadvantage of all standard Feygorn.

Level Three: Veins of Fire: The initiation of the Flame Blessed pushes them closer and closer to the heart of Fire and gives them an internal strength, a Flame Blessed gains +3 Hits to all Locations.

Level Four: Heart of Fire: The Flame Blessed is Immune to all forms of ‘Mundane’ and ‘Enchanted’ Fire.

Level Five: Fire Blade: The weapon of the Flame Blessed has been sanctified by the Priesthood and will erupt ablaze with supernatural fire up to Five times per Event, for a duration of five minutes so that it does ‘Enchanted’ Damage. After it has been used for five times in this fashion, it needs to be re-blessed by a Feygorn Priest before it can answer the request of the Flame Blessed again.

The Pyromancer: The Feygorn, through study of the ways and nature of fire has learnt to manipulate it in different ways to the Elementalists. As such this is a magic list unique to starting Feygorn – Feygorn may teach it to other Fire Magic users however.


Level One: Eyes of Fire (Spell): The Pyromancer may cast this spell which gives the target ‘Enchanted Thermal Vision’ for the duration of the spell.

Level Two: Burning Hands: The Pyromancer may carry a flame in their hand (or hands) as a fire source without being burnt. The Pyromancer may maintain any such fire without fuel by spending Mana instead at a rate of one Mana per hour the flame is maintained (or two Mana per hour for two flames, one in either hand). The Pyromancer may elect to place a fire onto a location and then maintain it at the same cost as though it was in their hands.

Level Three: Heat Wave (Spell): The Pyromancer casts this spell and summons intense ‘Enchanted’ heat to erupt out from them, forcing all living creatures to retreat three yards from the caster (unless of course they are immune to ‘Enchanted’ Fire) and no living creature may approach within three yards of the caster so long as the spell is active.

Level Four: Heart of Fire: The Pyromancer is Immune to all forms of ‘Mundane’ and ‘Enchanted’ Fire.

Level Five: Soul of Fire (Spell): The Pyromancer may cast this spell to transform themselves into a Fire Elemental Warrior for five minutes, the duration of the spell may be extended by spending additional Mana Points as per the standard costs of casting magic.

The Feygorn may also learn [ The Way of the Firefly.

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