The Feygorn Priesthood

The Priesthood run Luustrokk, the home of the Feygorn. Divided into five ruling states, the nation fits into the hierarchy of the Priesthood perfectly.

Structure of the Priesthood:

The Head of the Priesthood is 'The Elected', also known as 'The Speaker of the Flames' and runs the Priesthood from the Principal State of Luustrokk.

The Elected is supported by 'The Five Patriarchs', also known as 'The Insightful Listeners of the Fire' and each one runs one of the five states of Luustrokk.

Each Patriarch is in turn supported by five 'Arch-Bishops', also known as 'The Princes of Purity' who manage the sub-states of the Patriarch they serve.

Finally, each Arch-Bishop is served by a number of 'Bishops', also known as 'The Lords of the Lay Fire' who rule the collectives that make up a sub-state of Luustrokk.

Military Arm of the Priesthood:

The Priesthood is served in Luustrokk and across Urutau by the disciplined warriors of 'The Flame Blessed' as described on page 21 of The ELEMENT: Skills Companion.

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