The Feymori

The Feymori are the Sea-Elves who make their home in Taris, possessed of shrewd minds they make for excellent adventurers and merchants, always on the make. They are loyal to the Lord and Lady above all, they are makers of some of the finest ships that sail the waters of Urutau, certainly the fastest unaided by magic or blessings.


History: During the Age of Air, the Feymori embraced their love for the sea and sailing upon it in all its forms. They embraced trade and piracy and operated parallel with the Morigena, often at times their ally. As such, they had the foresight and experience to get word of what was being planned by the usurpers and came to the aid of the royal line when house Tremaine rose up and embraced the Void.

During the Age of the Void, the Feymori allied with the Angmori and together they stood against the Fomori, fighting them at every turn. It was during this age that the Feymori truly became two public societies, one based around trade and the other being an underworld of pirates.

The Feymori joined the Wrotan Republic when the Age of Fire begun, for their seamanship was far more trusted than that of the Fomori and this has seen them become rich within the Republic. This has also meant that the Pirate King and his kind have managed to flourish and survive to this day also, a strange reflection on the rich culture of Taris.

Physical Characteristics: Feymori dress extravagantly and like their fey kin, they have pointed ears, but also blue hued skin; much like the Fey–Tir they are not immortal but do live exceptionally long lives that can cover several thousand years. For war they dress lightly and favour curved blades.

Culture: The Feymori are a sea loving elven race, they make their kingdom on an island north of the broken lands of the Fomori kingdom, but remain great seafarers and traders. Feymori are a communal folk with a hierarchy of nobility led by a king, he in turn is supported by merchants, nobles and mystics, they also have a more ‘rogue’ society that mirrors their official society, this is led by a Pirate King in which many may find themselves dragged unwillingly into.

Racial Advantage: None.

Racial Disadvantage: None.

Notes: Feymori are a race with no specific advantage or disadvantage, giving them greater freedom for growth.

Skill Lists

The Masterful Guild of the Consumptive Brewers of the Most Aspiring Rum: are an honest guild of the Feymori who strive to produce some of the more fascinating explorations into the consumption of fine drink through the skills of Alchemy.

Must have Alchemy at Skill Level Four.


Level One: Brew Taris Rum: This Rum causes the drinker to recover +1 Global Hits after drinking a shot - however, it negates the following abilities:
- Using up +1 Mundane Dodges per Day.
- Removing the ability to 'Dodge All Mundane Singles'.

Level Two: Brew Taris Port: This Port causes the drinker to recover +2 Global Hits after drinking a glass - however, it negates the following abilities:
- Using up +2 Mundane Dodges per Day.
- Removing the ability to 'Dodge All Mundane Doubles'.

Level Three: Brew Taris Fine Rum: The Fine Rum of Taris causes the drinker to recover +3 Global Hits after drinking a shot - however, it negates the following abilities:
- Using up +3 Mundane Dodges per Day.
- Removing the ability to 'Dodge All Mundane Triples'.

Level Four: Brew Taris Special Reserve: The Taris Special Reserve causes the drinker to recover all lost Hits after drinking a glass - however, due to its potency it negates all ability in the drinker to use any dodge abilities.

Level Five: Brew Taris Royal Reserve: The Taris Royal Reserve is the finest drink the guild can produce, it causes the drinker to not only heal All Hits, but it also neutralises all toxins and poisons in the system of the drinker. However, it also negates the ability to use the skill 'Not Today', as well as the ability to use 'Today IS the Day'.

Note: The Brews of the Guild do not count as ‘Potions’ even though the suggestion is that these are alchemical concoctions, rather they are meant to be alcoholic drinks that provide qualities and drawbacks, after all, drinking blurs the senses and slows the body. This is very much a colour skill list to add to the Taris world, and may seem at odds with benefit versus restriction. This is deliberate, for within the social circles of the Feymori, who knows when the intrigue will start, or stop? Potion Addiction is not something someone should be concerned about by drinking too much of these specific brews – hangovers though…

The Merchant: The Feymori produce a high percentage of cunning minds with an eye for trade and the supply of goods…


Level One: Bargain Hunter: Once per Event the Feymori may activate this skill to find a ‘Mundane’ bargain or a ‘Mundane’ item of interest.

Level Two: Fast Talker: In essence this ability grants the Feymori character the ability to dodge twice per day however it requires role-play to encourage the Feymori backing away from a dangerous ‘Mundane’ situation. Once the Feymori has backed away out of combat they may invoke ‘Fair Escape’ to go and hide or run away without fear of pursuit, providing they do not then re-enter the combat (doing so incurs a Void Point).

Level Three: Identify Nature of Origin: By studying an item for anything between three to thirty minutes, the Feymori can discern which race made the item. This ability may be used three times per event.

Level Four: Sense Purpose: Up to four times per event, the Feymori may study an item and successfully discern the purpose the item was intended for after studying it for between four and forty minutes.

Level Five: Deal or No Deal: Five times per day, the Merchant can set the terms for a deal being struck, even if the opposite negotiator has the level five skill of Deception. The opposite negotiator must get something from the deal however and it must be within reasonable limits of the subject matter (subject to role-play).

The School of Sailing is an introductory system for the Feymori to prepare themselves for life on the open sea.

Level One: Sailing Lore: Increases with the development of this skill list, representing the understanding of all aspects of life at sea.

Level Two: Sailors Trade: The character gets a -2 Experience Point cost for their chosen sea trade.

Level Three: Strength and Agility: The character gains +1 Hits to All Locations, +1 Mundane Dodge per Day, and a +1 'No Effect' per Day versus Mundane Poisons and Toxins.

Level Four: Feymori Knotworking: Four times per day, the Feymori Sailor may improvise to fix a broken ‘Mundane’ item by tying it up with knot working, so as to keep the item/ object functioning for one extra hour and must be physically represented.

Level Five: Born to the Sea: The character is given an official Taris Merchant Navy Guild Tattoo that grants +2 Hits to All Locations, +2 Mundane Dodges per Day, and +1 'No Effect' per Day versus Mundane Poisons and Toxins (stacks with Level Three of this skill list). The tattoo must be physically represented to use the effects.

On Graduation: Completing this Skill List allows the character to now submit an application to become a member of The Noble Guild of the Taris Sailors in the Merchant Navy on the High Seas of Urutau, which appears in the 4th Edition ELEMENT Skills Companion.

The School of Swans, the Conciliatory Methods & Means of the Courtesan Adept is the Feymori school where females learn to use their wiles, guiles and charm to their own advantage, fitting into a unique place in Taris, and Urutau - when they have the calling to travel.


The school recruits primarily from the lower classes, though it is not unknown for nobility to be taught in a secluded part of the school away from prying eyes, it is said that nobles who are inducted normally go on to perform ambassadorial duties for the Feymori King across Urutau, though this is considered deliberate speculation.

The School is based in the city of Tarselesze located in central Taris.

Level One: Lore L' Amour: The character is versed in social societies, starting at level one with the Feymori, and increasing in level progressing to increased knowledge:
- 2: Includes all other Water Races.
- 3: Adds one more Elemental Alignment.
- 4: Adds one more Elemental Alignment.
- 5: Understands the societies of all races of the Elemental Union.

Level Two: The Swan's Grace: Gives the character Two Mundane dodges per day.

Level Three: Sense Wealth: Three times per Event, the character may 'sniff out' wealth, use of this skill requires the involvement of Referee Intervention, so as to determine who in the vicinity of the character (player or NPC) has significant wealth or social standing.

Level Four: Constitution: The character gains +2 Hits per Location, and the ability to neutralise Mundane Poisons or Toxins in their blood system, twice per day.

Level Five: Love is the Drug: The height of the schools teaching, means that the character is able to brew the following very select 'tonics' available only through this list.
- They get x3 Vials per event of 'Subjugation' - a tonic which negates all abilities to use Deception in the consumer for twelve hours.
- They also get x2 Vials per event of 'Enamour Vapours' - a tonic which once consumed, drives the target to obsess about the first person they see for twenty four hours.

On Graduation: Graduating from the school, with certification from the Grand Dame of Education, gives the Courtesan the chance to advance and study at the Royal Academy of Fair Companions of the Most Prestigious Swans, Artisans of Emotion & Deception.

The School of Waves, the Introductory Methods and Ways of the Swashbuckler is the official school of fencing, based on the Feymori Island Kingdom of Taris. It is here that Feymori are set on to the path of mastering the blade and to becoming a Swashbuckler even if they mastered the skill list away from the school by dropping out to go off adventuring.


Outsiders, or those not of Feymori descent, are rarely welcome within the school, though history records but a handful of outside students having come to the school to learn the ways of the Swashbuckler.

The importance of official graduation from the school (completing the skill list as a student) is paramount for advancing beyond this first veil, for upon graduation, the Swashbuckler is presented with certification and endorsed by royal decree to be a Swashbuckler, and then eligible to be inducted within the Royal Guild of the Most Excellent Fellowship of Honourable Swashbucklers.

Not Feymori?
1: Must have Lore: Feymori (5)
2: Must have Lore: Legendary Swashbucklers (3)
3: Must convince the Guild Master of worthiness to be able to study at the School.

Level One: Flows like the River: The Swashbuckler automatically dodges any mundane attacks with the call of ‘Single’.

Level Two: River Dancer: The Swashbuckler gains the ability to dodge any mundane attacks twice per day.

Level Three: Flows like the Sea: The Swashbuckler automatically dodges any mundane attacks with the call of ‘Double’.

Level Four: Sea Dancer: The Swashbuckler gains the ability to dodge any attacks against them four times per day.

Level Five: Not Today: The Swashbuckler may use this skill five times in total to say no to Death, in essence cheating death. Should the character expire through their death count, they may invoke this ability to somehow hang on until help arrives or they manage to heal themselves.

On Graduation: Upon completion of this Skill List, if completed as a student of the school, the character is presented with a certificate of excellence and acknowledged by the Feymori King. The character may now elect to try and join the Royal Guild of the Most Excellent Fellowship of Honourable Swashbucklers.

Want to be Acknowledged by the School?
If a character has completed the Swashbuckler Skill List away from school teaching, they may attempt to gain official recognition by attending to the school, and asking to pass the trial of combat with a Master of the School - defeating the Master will lead to full graduation and all its associated honours.

The Social Bohemian Society of the Valiant Dandy, Masters of Freedom, Truth, Beauty, Art and Love are an elitist, for everyone sub-culture within Taris among the Feymori, who dance between the social echelons of the Royal Court and the Public Avenues of life.
As such, they have access to certain skills that are normally restricted to others, by using their own advantages and sway to allow them to create a movement within their world that honours their beliefs of Freedom, Truth, Beauty, Art and the most noble of pursuits - Love.


Prerequisites: Must have at least One Level of Social Status in Feymori Society.

Level One: The Dandy Highwayman: The Dandy has managed to persuade an NPC high ranking member of The Royal Academy of Fair Companions of the Most Prestigious Swans, Artisans of Emotion & Deception to act as a mentor and guardian, and to teach them all their skills in the future, for a price that is agreed between the Dandy and the Courtesan. The NPC may be used as support once per event, if they are nearby. Level Two must be purchased before being able to learn the skills of their mentor though, and subjest to Referee intervention. At this level, the price for aid is always at a cost equal to the aid being asked for. As the character rises in the ranks, this may ease, or may become more costly, and can ultimately end in the pupil and the mistress coming to odds.

Level Two: Ridicule is Nothing to be Scared of: The Dandy may learn the two following Skill Lists - The School of Swans, the Conciliatory Methods & Means of the Courtesan Adept and they may also learn The Royal Academy of Fair Companions of the Most Prestigious Swans, Artisans of Emotion & Deception; the School of Swans Skill List must be completed first before advancing to the second skill list of the Royal Academy.

Level Three: They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There: By use of specifically taught Deception, fused with innovative Dandy thought, the Dandy may, x3 times per event, evade pursuit by adopting a Disguise that fools his pursuers with automatic success. This skill is only used for Fair Escape and may not be used to counter an attack against the pursuers when their backs are turned. The disguise must be physically used (a Masquerade Mask or a similar prop will suffice).

Level Four: Stand and Deliver: The Dandy is far tougher than they at first seem, so that, if they are confronted, trapped or forced to defend themselves, they may bolster themselves by gaining +4 Hits to All Locations, for the duration of a fight, up to four times per event.

Level Five: Prince Charming: x5 Times per event, the Dandy may effect a target so that the target may not use any of their own skills of Deception or means of Evasion, as they become admiring of, influenced and inspired by the talk and way of the Dandy as they speak from the heart, about the concepts and values of Freedom, Truth, Beauty, Art and Love. The effect lasts only as long as the Dandy using the skill is present and involved in the conversation.


The Feymori may also learn The Way of the Kraken

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