The Fomori

The Fomori are in truth the Morigena, but remnants of the royal house of the Morigena who rose up with the commoners against the royal family and in that process became agents of the Void, committing regicide under the leadership of House Tremaine recorded as one of the major incidents during the Age of the Void.

During the rebellion they were unable to secure the island of Golgotha, and consumed by the Void they became pivotal soldiers for the enemy during the conquests against the Elemental Union. Towards the end of those dark times, the sacrifice of the Fey-Sirona was instrumental in pulling the Fomori back from the clutches of the Void.

With the dawning of the new age, the Fomori were once more a part of the Elemental Union, though they venomously opposed any reunification with the Morigena and maintained a harsh campaign to keep the Morigena from becoming members of the Wrotan Republic giving them a unique status within the world of Urutau.

Today the Fomori have an air of the arrogance that often sees them falling to the Void, in recent years they even formed a large fleet which aided the rise of corrupt elementals on the elemental plane of Water to threaten to overthrow the rule of Lady Yaleena in what ended with the destruction of Aqualonia and the loss of the elemental plane of water to the Leviathan.

And for the longest time, the Fomori have maintained a city on the edge of The Burning Sands, Nor-Cavallel a great city of trade and prospect, and a place for the trading of Fykari slaves, often with the Feygorn.

The Fomori also have within their ranks a secret movement which tries, so very hard, to work towards the reunification of their race with the Morigena, known as the White Shields of which a large number are reportedly from the more genial island of Emryn, attempts to bring talks into a more tangible arena have struggled to materialise due to assassinations and other endeavours to counter the good works the movement proposes.

The recent return of Lord Morian however has many Fomori wondering and awaiting some form of vengeance or redemption. Time will tell.

History: During the Age of Air, the Fomori were known as the Morigena. They were an enlightened race that created great architecture and did much for the world of the Elemental Union. But factions in the Morigena grew uneasy with the rule of monarchy, and led by House Tremaine, they started a bloody usurpation of power and all but destroyed the royal line; in the process they embraced the Void and took the title of the Fomori.

The age of the Void was much an age of power for the Fomori who sought to destroy the Elemental Union and in pursuing surviving Morigena, succeeded in the banishment of Lord Morian, who to this day remains lost. That age came to an end when the Fey-Sirona sacrificed nearly everything to save the Fomori and returned them to the fold of the Elemental Union.

As the Age of Fire progressed, the Fomori remain on the outskirts of society among the Elemental Union. They hate the surviving Morigena who have made a kingdom in Lyrzeria and long for the day when one of the contending Fomori houses claims Golgotha, the central island of the Fomori Kingdoms and prove their bloodline true against all others.

Physical Characteristics: Fomori dress with a decadent style that reflects in their architecture also, they favour long hair, which is often dark and men often go bearded. Favoured colours among the Fomori are blues, greens and purples, they will make use of all types of weaponry, but swords are favoured by this people who have a love for duelling, they also make use of all types of armour and fully clad for war they make for an imposing and impressive force.

Culture: The Fomori are a sea-loving race and excel in all matters of seamanship, but they are also a lover of politics in all aspects of their class driven society. Fomori think they are better than all other races of the Elemental Union and expect to be treated as such. Their houses are ruled through matriarchal or patriarchal lines with loyalty expected at all times.

Racial Advantage: The Fomori are capable of controlling any water within 5m of them, much like the Elemental power at level three, except in Fomori this is an innate ability and not perceived as a ‘magic’ skill. As a chosen race, contention or ties always go in the favour of the Fomori unless confronting True Morigena, in which case a battle of wills is resolved as normal.

Racial Disadvantage: The Fomori are betrayers and having turned to the Void and been saved by the Fey – Sirona, they have been punished; once the Morigena (and thus the Fomori also) were a long lived race living on average between two hundred and three hundred years, now the Fomori live an average human life span of between sixty to a hundred years.

Racial Skill Lists: The Way of the Kraken.

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