The Fykari

The Fykari are the human race of Fire who live in nomadic tribes upon The Burning Sands, known for their fiery temper and keen eye for trade opportunities. They are often preyed upon for their lack of unity by The Vampires and The Feygorn both of whom take them as slaves and it is believed they are the origin of The Grey Men who are the loyal servants of the Vampires.


In 907AoF the eastern tribes suffered many losses after they united under the banner of The Phoenix Dark Knight who led them against the Wrotan fortress city of Wroth Gelrahan and is perhaps the initial incident which led to the downfall of The Wrotan Republic.

Mystics among the Fykari tribes know there to be a small tribe of enlightened Fykari who have taken to living on The Elemental Plane of Fire, known as The Shanduin who have mastered their fiery temper and know the secrets to remove Void Taint from those among The Elemental Union.

History: Misunderstanding between the Fykari and the Wrotan developed early in the Age of Air and has become a near mythical mistrust and cause for hatred ever since, it was also during the Age of Air that a division split the Fykari into two cultures, Western and Eastern Tribes. Those on the western side of the Great Desert Ocean who embraced and welcomed the Fomori at Nor-Cavallel and those in the east who preferred a more isolated lifestyle in their lands, ‘The Burning Sands’, though both remained reverent towards the Phoenix and the Cult dedicated to the creature in the heart of the Great Desert Ocean.

The Fykari enjoy a good friendship with the Fomori and have ever been their allies during the ages of the world and many fought alongside them during the Age of the Void. To date, their fractured nature has kept them being a major threat to any race or kept them being worthy warriors against the Void also. They have often been preyed upon by the Feygorn, who enjoy extending their hospitality to the Fykari, which in Feygorn terms is Slavery.

In recent times, the reformation of the Wrotan Republic was born upon the aid of the Fykari and saw the radical inclusion of the Fykari within the Republic, how this plays out is still a matter for speculation…

Physical Characteristics: The Fykari for the most part wear clothing suitable to survival on the Burning Sands, robes of red and oranges among the common folk, with nobility wearing green; it is an established fact and part of a bizarre code of honour among the Fykari that visiting representatives from other races wear white robes and are deemed untouchable, their safety assured – Fykari that have fallen to the Void do not adhere to this rule however…

Culture: This human race of fire are a nomadic people living in travelling communities that follow a clan structure, a mighty expanse of territory being under the ownership of a ruling King or Prince; The monarch is supported by a household of family, nobles and mystics. Within the Fykari nation there are many colourful and vicious clans and tribes with a common failing for exceeding their own perceived borders and starting local civil wars with their own kind, this of course leads to a very strong nation of fighters and if they ever had the sense to unite under one leader they may be a powerful force for whoever they serve.

Racial Advantage: The Fykari have the fire of their creators burning in their veins and are thus capable of a berserker rage which grants them an extra level of damage in berserker combat (to a maximum of Quad) and a +5 bonus hits to all locations whilst it lasts (One minute for every Base Hit the character possesses); Fykari may berserk once per day and are all but physically shattered following the end of the rage, they may walk and combat skills are reduced by 1, until they have a good night’s rest to recuperate fully, before they may enter the berserk rage again. They possess a number of racially specific Skill Lists which follow.

Racial Disadvantage: Feuding – the Fykari take the greatest insult from the smallest sleight against them, though they are inclined to forgive outsiders a few times for being different, this is not the same with their own kind.

Notes: The Fykari draw from a number of inspirational sources including the Huns and the Arabs, they favour curved swords and their robes cover the majority of their bodies.

Skill Lists

The Phoenix Cult: Certain Fykari are 'chosen' to become members of this sacred cult, to serve and protect the sacred bird of the Burning Sands. In return for this service, the cult teach a particular skill list that bestows gifts pertinent to the cults ways, bestowed upon the inducted by the Ashgrove Seer in the name of Lord Gorn and Lady Vulcas.

Level One: Strength of the Phoenix: The Cultist gains +1 Hits to all Locations.

Level Two: Defence of the Phoenix: Instead of the berserker rage, the Fykari may be sheathed in supernatural Phoenix Fire that creates an impenetrable ‘Enchanted’ shield that lasts for two minutes around the cultist and whoever is holding hands (2 max) with the cultist. This ability may be used once per day, after which the cultist must lay on the floor, visibly exhausted for two minutes and may not use any further Phoenix abilities from this skill list for the remainder of the day.

Level Three: Call of the Phoenix: The character may call a Phoenix to him or her, though this ability does not work outside of the fire nations of Urutau (only covering the Burning Sands, Luustrokk, Khayeim and Grun).

Level Four: Eyes of the Phoenix: The character may see through the eyes of a Phoenix that is nearby or working in alliance to the cultist.

Level Five: Tears of the Phoenix: The tears of the character with this skill heal +5 Hits to any one location the tears touch upon (they also close the wound fully). The player may do this five times per event and will have immediate effect against ANY given damage call. These specific tears may not be used for Alchemy like actual tears from a Phoenix can be or be stored for later use.

The Desert Scorpion: is a special, style specific way of fighting that some of the Fykari adopt, or champion, depending on the point of view of the Fykari in question, basing techniques around strength and speed. In many ways the Fykari emulate and worship the manner in which the Giant Scorpions of the Burning Sands survive and exist - some even manage to understand the scorpion in such a way that they can tame and ride them into battle like the legendary Gorbel-ack-Vanzaang.


Level One: Scorpion Senses: The Fykari is alert and attuned to the combat environment about them, and may dodge all ‘Mundane’ attacks that do a 'Single' damage call.

Level Two: Blood of the Scorpion: Like the Burning Sands, and the Endurance of the magnificent Giant Scorpion, the Fykari gains +2 Hits to All Locations.

Level Three: Scorpion Intuition: The Fykari is alert and attuned to the combat environment about them, feeling the seismic waves of sword blows and all manner of mundane attacks around them so that they may now choose to dodge all ‘Mundane’ attacks that do the 'Double' damage call.

Level Four: Scorpion Dance: Four times per day, the Desert Scorpion may declare a dodge versus any ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’ attack made against them.

Level Five: Scorpion Venom: The blood of the Fykari has been laced now with the blood of the desert scorpions of the Burning Sands in ceremony and bonding with the creatures, as such, only they may now use the blood five times per day to deliver a blow that causes ‘Mundane Paralysis’ for five minutes upon the victim who is struck by the venom. The venom may not be distilled for alchemical or poison purposes.

Upon completion of this skill list, it is possible to advance further to become one with a chosen scorpion of the Great Desert Ocean and be known as a Scorpion Warrior – this is an Advanced Skill and will be covered in the ELEMENT Skills Companion.

The Desert Warrior: Some Fykari warriors feel an affinity for the sands, becoming experts at surviving in the barren terrain.

Level One: Desert Lore: The character may always find enough water for their self, even in a desert. They may ignore the effect from dehydration and development in this skill list equals the level the character possesses in Lore: Desert.

Level Two: Walk without Rhythm: When in a desert environment the character gains +2 to their Stealth Skill.

Level Three: Desert Intuition: The character gains +3 Mundane Dodges per Day.

Level Four: Perfect Ambush: The character may, with careful ‘Mundane’ preparation (at least 1 minutes work), conceal him or herself in the open, whilst hiding use of this skill counts as a +4 to the Stealth Skill, which is lost once they move.

Level Five: Fear is the Mind Killer: A warrior who reaches this level of skill learns how to work a foes fear against them breaking their will with a shout. The player must shout a short phrase at one Target. The Target is affected by mundane ‘Fear’ for five minutes and must flee the Characters presence. The player can also choose to spend a Fate Point to cause ‘Mass Enchanted Fear’ in all non-Fykari within the characters vicinity.


The Spirit Caller: Fykari mages often learn to contact and deal with the Spirits and Elementals that can be found in wild or desolate places anywhere in the world. To use this skill list the character must spend ten minutes calling an appropriate local spirit. The caller must then strike a deal with the spirit. If a deal can be reached both sides will fulfil their part of the contract. Spirits will generally ask for something like life energy (Mana or Hit Points), or tasks it wants carried out or an object or objects it perceives as valuable. The actual price should be decided by an appropriate ref. and can be bartered up or down with role-play. The costs listed are guidelines.

Prerequisites: Must be a Fykari Magic User

Level One: Local News: The mage can ask questions about nearby locations (less than one mile), recent events (the last twenty four hours) or important local historical events. The spirit will generally ask for One Mana Point or a sacrifice of One Hit Point of Damage.

Level Two: Detailed Local Information: Tasks that will take less than an hour and require little skill (for example ‘Tell me if anyone passes this location’ or ‘Show me the nearest fresh spring’). This Skill Costs Two Mana Points or a sacrifice of Two Hit Points of Damage which the Spirit will take as payment for its service provided.

Level Three: Ancient History: Covers the tasks that will take less than a day to complete or require some skill (deliver a message or repair our armour for instance). Nominal cost is Three Mana Points or a sacrifice of Three Hit Points of Damage.

Level Four: Focus, Obscure Facts or Finds: Difficult tasks or tasks that take up to one week to complete (guard the camp for the weekend or find this lost item for example). Cost is Four Mana Points (plus an additional +1 Mana Point per Day of Service) or the permanent sacrifice of a complete body location (As designated by the six bodily locations for combat purposes which then cannot be magically healed).

Level Five: The Wish: This works differently to the other levels of this list. The player must offer Five permanent Mana Points or sacrifice a Life to call a powerful spirit creature (earning a Void Point for murder also!). The creature can perform almost any action if the price is right subject to Referee discretion. If the spirit is unwilling to carry out the task it will serve as if it were a level 2 spirit for free for one week (though it must be called each time).

The Storyteller: An important part of Fykari society, they can hold the tribe in thrall around the campfires at night and provide wisdom, insight and calm in an aggressive society.

Note: Referee supervison may be required when using these skills.

Level One: One Thousand and One Tales: The player is able to identify any and all works which were made by Fykari. They may not however, know exactly what it does or how to use such a work. The Storyteller also gains Lore: Fykari Legends which increases with the level invested in this skill tree.

Level Two: Eshmir's Guile: The storyteller must tell a tale of cunning overcoming difficulty and lasting at least Five minutes. Eshmir was a thief with an eye for the ladies! While the Storyteller speaks their tale, the crowd is enthralled and may take no other action unless they are forced to defend themselves. After the storyteller has finished his tale, the crowd will remain enthralled for a further two minutes, unless they are disturbed or forced to defend themselves.

Level Three: Imzadhil's Will: The storyteller must tell a tale about courage in the face of adversity that lasts at least 10 minutes. Imzadhil was a lowly born goat herder that rose to great renown against all the odds in the Age of the Void. Hearing this tale gives all Fykari immunity to Mundane Fear for three hours.

Level Four: Alilah's Truth: The storyteller must tell a tale for at least fifteen minutes about lies and just rewards as seen through the verbal tales of the beautiful princess Alilah. After completion of the tale, no Fykari (Void tainted or otherwise) in the audience may lie to the storyteller until the next time Lord Helios rises in the sky.

Level Five: Tarik's Strength: The legendary Fykari warrior Tarik is a folk hero of great renown. By retelling one of his many deeds in a twenty minute story to untainted Fykari, the storyteller can make the Fykari feel invincible. All Fykari who listen to the tale in full gain the full effects of their natural berserker rage until Lord Helios next rises in the sky, without the berserk rage itself. So they get +5 Hits per location and do one extra level of damage, to a maximum of 'Quad'.

The Fykari may also learn The Way of the Firefly.

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