The Gap Of Peril

The Gap is a strategic part of Lyrzeria that connects the home of the Dracosylph with that of the Wrotan Republic, it is so named because traveller's must risk going through it and because of its adjacent proximity to the Savage Mountains, home of the Werewolves to the east and a narrow sea to the west.

Somewhere on the border of the Gap of Peril and the Savage Mountains there exists the Castle of the Elemental Union a mysterious place given its source of power from the combined forces of the Lords and Ladies.


In late 914AoF, following the first official meeting of the newly reinstated Wrotan Republic, King Theuss was elevated to General of the Elemental Union Army, and charged with retaking the Castle of the Elemental Union from occupation by the Werewolves in the Savage Mountains.

Theuss brought a anew strategy to the area that the Dracosylph and the Morigena had not employed before - mass scale defensive points and fortifications to secure the passage, looking to the mountains. Theuss did not proceed foolishly into the mountains, instead he has chosen to bide his time, to secure a firm foothold in the Gap before entering the mountains.

Map of the Region:


Wrotentia to Lyrzeria:

- 1: The City State of Esventrium.
- 2: The Great Bridge of Khemburimm.
- 3: Fort Anchorage.
- 4: The Castle of the Elemental Union.
- 5: The Ruins of Wayfare.
- 6: The Broken Quay.

The Gap of Peril #1:

- 1: Fort Vigilance (Central Command).

The Gap of Peril #2:

- 1: Fort Whitewall.
- 2: Fort Snow Point (Auxiliary Command).
- 3: Fort Ice Spear.
- 4: The Shrine of the Lost Tribe.

The Gap of Peril #3:

- 1: Fort Wood Watch (Tertiary Command).
- 2: The Hunting Wood of Lyrzeria.
- 3: Lair of the Catkin.

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