The Gladiator

The Gladiator originates from the city of Nor-Cavallel, where Fomori rulers using a fusion of magic and ritual branding to eliminate the weaknesses of any race of the Elemental Union and open them up to easier Void Taint. Training them in the Ludus Gladiatorius to become efficient gladiators allows such enslaved souls the chance to find death in the Grand Arena of the Fomori City for the entertainment of others, and in other places of the world of Urutau where the darker side of the sport is entertained. It is among the foremost corrupting temptations of the Void to push a member of the Elemental Union into becoming an Agent of the Void, or dying in the process.

Level One: Branding: Enslaved to a Gladiatorial House and under the tutelage of the Doktare, owned by a Lanista with sinister intent to see their blood spilled upon the sands of the arena, as such their focus on buying skills must be on those listed in ‘The Fields of Battle’ and this skill list while within the Ludus. In addition, any future spending on Social Status incurs a +5 Experience Points cost as the Slave Brand is an ‘Enchanted Scar’ that bears a mark of shame, and is often done in a place difficult to conceal.

A Professional Gladiator follows a different path, that may be found through the link - but the two have nothing but contempt for each other.

Level Two: Staying Alive: The Gladiator gains +2 Mundane Dodges per day as they learn to survive the hardships of enslavement.

Level Three: Tough Enough: Through survival and training under the lash of the Doktare's whip, the Gladiator now gains +3 Hits per Location.

Level Four: Arena Favourite: Bloodied and learning how to work the crowds of the Arena, the Gladiator has learned enough to become a favourite among the partisans of the Arena, learning tricks to endear them to the crowd. As such, the Gladiator now gets +2 Mundane Knock Backs per day and +2 Knock Downs per day that they may use with any weapon or shield in order to thrill the crowd as they earn new victories with signature winning blows.

Level Five: Arena Hero: Through the trials and tribulations of this savage lifestyle, the Gladiator has now emerged as a veteran of the arena and proved difficult to defeat and a firm favourite of many who frequent the arena as spectator. As such the Arena Hero now gets +2 Mundane Dodges per day, a bonus of +2 Hits to all Locations and also gains +1 Fatal Call once per day in order to deliver a savage winning strike in a duel versus an opponent in a one on one fight.

Completion of this skill list allows for progression to the God of the Arena Skill List.

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