The God Of The Arena

The God of the Arena is a Gladiator who has completed the Gladiator or Professional Gladiator Skill List and survived and gone on to become a true favourite in the arena, unbeaten, unbroken and even aspired to reach for true freedom.

Level One: Battle Cry: Once per Day the Gladiator may roar out to the crowd and instill fear in their opponent, effectively stripping the opponent of +1 Hits to all
Locations before the fight has even begun.

Level Two: Perfected Weapon: Having chosen a favoured style of weapon in the arena and earned their plaudits with it, the chosen type of weapon can now be used to inflict 'Enchanted' damage whilst in the Arena.

Level Three: Arena Scars: The God of the Arena gains +3 Hits per Location from the scarring endured during their fight to the top.

Level Four: Blood and Sand: The God of the Arena gains +4 Enchanted Dodges per day.

Level Five: Freedom of the Wooden Sword: Undeniably heroic and truly unbroken, the God of the Arena has done it all and survived and earned their freedom, gifted with the Wooden Sword to show as much, and allowed to leave Nor-Cavallel and do as they wish, taking their place once more in the world of Urutau, or if a Professional Gladiator - been allowed to retire, coming out of retirement for exhibition bouts. If the Free God of the arena is involved in a one on one challenge anywhere in the gaming world, and a crowd gathers, this effectively becomes a make-shift arena for the character, allowing them the full benefits of this skill list.


Advancing in the God of the Arena Skill List:

Like the Gladiator, A God of the Arena has a set amount of bouts to win, in the Ritual of Blood and Sand, to allow for advancement in the skill list, they are as follows:
- To gain level one, they must win x1 bout.
- Advancement to level two, they must win a further x1 bout.
- Advancement to level three, they must win a further x2 bouts.
- Advancement to level four, they must win a further x3 bouts.
- Advancement to level five, they must win a further x4 bouts.

In total the God of the arena, to earn the title truly, must win a total of x11 bouts without any losses in between, otherwise the count must start again (they retain the skill levels purchased, but must reacquire the total of bouts won). Advancement to level five should be role played as bouts of stupendous, or challenging odds - in fact at any point on the advancement of the list, the God of the Arena should have to face multiple opponents, or hindered factors to prove their true mettle in the ways of the Arena.

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