The Golden Claws

The Golden Claws are Fey-Sirona soldiers, serving out of Menyel-Tiriona.

They are the souls of fallen Fey-Sirona recovered from the Elemental Plane of Air placed into Soul Orbs which power constructed bodies based on the Giant Owls of C'ryl built by Angpyre craftmanship from the Elemental Plane of Fire. They have as yet to be seen in action in Urutau.

Mechanics: The Golden Claws.

In relevance to rules presented in the 'All at Sea' document.

- Size: 02.
- Hits: 40.
- Armour: 04.
- Attacks: x2 Doing 6 Points of Damage each.

Notes: The Core of the Golden Claws is protected by a self-sustaining Magical Field, powered by the Fey-Sirona Soul Orb that operates the structure.

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