The Gornang

The Gornang are the dwarven race of Fire and the champion race, stout fellows who do not shirk their duties lightly. From their blessing they retain an immunity to fire as well as the ability to manipulate it to their will, but like the other dwarven races, they possess no ability to cast magic.

Their ancestral home is in the mountains of Khayeim but ousted from there, those who survived the invasion currently live in Grun and it is believed the mountains of Lyrzeria while plots among the Elemental Union come to fruition to take back the losses they have suffered since the rise of the Wrotan Empire.

The Year 913 of the Age of Fire has seen the Gornang and allies, mainly formed of the Alliance of Fire and the Fey-Sirona take back Khayeim from the grasp of the Enemy. Now the Gornang people are working to bring life back into the holds of Khayeim and elect a new High King in the absence of their fallen monarch.

There are Seventeen Gornang Clans: True-Axe, Warm-Forge, Wise-Flame, Burnt-Oath , Faith-Guard, Vigil-Ward, Notched-Helm, Jagged-Knife, Tempered-Mail, Weathered-Plate, Ragged-Chain, Sunder-Sword, Shatter-Shield, Rizzen-Pike, Broken-Anvil, Splinter-Spear and Hammer-Song. the holdings of each Clan can be found on the Khayeim Map.


History: From the birth of their race and the first encounters with the other races of the Elemental Union, the Gornang were willing to give freely to their allies with as little as a spoken oath, and expected the same in return. As master craftsmen they see the value in items and as time passed during the Age of Air and there came the fear of the Void, the Gornang took time to prepare four mighty weapons and a book to bind them all together, forged in secret by the most skilled of the Gornang, these Elemental Swords would be the banners that the Elemental Union would rally around.

A good idea that never got chance to take hold as the Void struck at the Elemental Union before the swords were given to the champions who would have wielded them. The betrayal of the Fomori has never been forgotten by the Gornang or the bloody fighting the Gornang had to endure against the Vampires of the Dark Mountains. Trusted Gornang heroes travelled across the Elemental Planes to safeguard and place the swords for a time when heroes would come to claim them and Lord Gorn hid the ‘Book of Fates’ until such time as the world would require it to guide them towards the swords.

The defeat of the Void and the coming of the Age of Fire saw the rise of the Wrotan Republic, in which the Gornang placed its faith and swore their oaths to join and uphold its ideals. In recent years they suffered much hardship through the invasion of the Void in their homeland, but with the aid of allies, they were able to claim back Khayeim, though they remain leaderless, having as yet to replace their High King.

Physical Characteristics: Gornang wear the finest clothing at all times and carry their tools of craft with pride, reds and gold’s are favoured as well as silver and jewels. In times of war they wear the finest crafted chain mail, which protects as though it was plate armour – indeed even their weapons are considered par excellence and their edged weapons never dull and always bite deeper (they do +1 extra level of damage up to the maximum level of Quad or protect at +1 Hits compared to standard armours). Gornang men wear beards in fancy designs and both sexes wear their hair long, like elves they have pointed ears and are slightly stunted in stature. Their life spans exceed common human expectancy and they can live for up to five hundred years.

Culture: Concepts on honour and high standards drive the Gornang society. They make their homes in the mountains of Khayeim close to the flux point that is the volcano ‘Gorninghast’. The Gornang live in communities of seventeen great clans all led by a King, these all swear fealty to their ‘High King’ and wisest of the chosen (normally the clan elders) act as advisors.
The Gornang dislike the language of politics for its double edged tongue and prefer the talk of simple truth – if something needs to be done, doing it is easy and talking about it just complicates matters and puts off the job at hand!

Racial Advantage: As mentioned above, all equipment of the Gornang is of the finest quality (Gornang Master Crafted), and as the chosen race of fire, the Gornang are Immune to Mundane and Enchanted Fire; they are also blessed with the Divine Gift of being able to manipulate any fire within a 5m range. They also possess a natural form of Thermal Vision, which used for Mundane Tracking gives them a +3 bonus.

Racial Disadvantage: Like other dwarven races, the Gornang, despite being a chosen race may not use magic in any form. Gornang, due to their stubborn nature, suffer a +3 Experience Cost on buying all skills, except for the Gornang Racial Skills.

The Forge Master: The greatest smiths in the world are found among the mountain halls of the Gornang in the lands of Khayeim. Forge Masters know all the mysteries of metal and some can even create artefacts capable of channelling great magical power.

Prerequisite: Trade (Level Five) in Blacksmith or Metal Crafting, Strictly Gornang only – Gornang NEVER teach this outside of their race, EVER.

Level One: Master Armourers Lore: Metal Armour worked upon by the Forge Master becomes Gornang Master Crafted and gains +1 Hits to the armoured location or locations, as well as the normal benefits of being Master Crafted, as listed with the Trade skill.

Level Two: Master Weapon Lore: Weapons created by the Forge Master become Gornang Master Crafted and gain +1 to their damage level (to a maximum of Quad), as well as the other normal benefits of being Master Crafted, as listed with the Trade skill.

Level Three: Break Item: The knowledge of the Forge Master in their workshop means they can take hold of an item and break it down with exceptional speed, including items that are considered to be Gornang Master Crafted, Master Crafted and also the Vidian Steel which is used by the agents of the Void to create their enchanted weapons, armour and equipment.

Level Four: The Secret of Manaluminum: The Forge Master knows the components and secrets in how to create Manaluminum.

Level Five: Zen of the Forge: The Forge Master has attained the pinnacle of the craftsman skills and can make items that are as close to perfect as a mortal can manage. The Forge Master can make mundane items that can be made into enchanted items with strict Referee guidance and approval.

The Forge Warden: By observing a campfire one may draw analogies to the society of the Gornang. A well tended fire warms and protects, but may draw unwanted attention, while an ill tended one may die or cause much destruction. So the wardens must be the ones that tend, feed and protect the flames of Gornang civilisation.

Level One: Sparks Fly: The Gornang may throw fire further than the standard five metres allowed normally by their Natural Elemental Manipulation, extending now to ten metres.

Level Two: Lesser Fire-Forged: The Forge Warden gains +2 Hits to all Locations.

Level Three: Enhanced Elemental Manipulation: The Gornang’s Natural Elemental Manipulation grows in power and control, with extended range increasing to twenty five metres, and coincidental damage may increase from locational, to Global targeting.

Level Four: The Healing Hearth: A Forge Warden may draw on the energy of a fire to sustain and heal their wounds. The Warden that remains close to or within a large natural fire regains +1 Hits to all Locations for every four minutes spent there until they are healed back up to normal total maximum hits of course.

Level Five: Greater Fire-Forged: The Forge Warden gains +5 Hits to all Locations.

The Hearth Guard: The defensive warrior of the Gornang, usually honour guard to the clan leaders, these warriors are highly respected for their skill and stubbornness in battle and are not easily turned aside.

Level One: Stand Firm: The Hearth Guard may ignore the effects of Mundane ‘Fear’ or Mundane ‘Intimidation’ so long as they are holding their shield.

Level Two: Immovable: The Hearth Guard may ignore calls of Mundane ‘Knock Back’ or Mundane ‘Knock Down’ so long as they are holding their shield.

Level Three: Lesser Stone Constitution: The Hearth Guard gains +3 Hits to all Locations.

Level Four: Stone Wall: When using a shield, the shield becomes Immune to Mundane ‘shatterering’, or ‘breaking’ effects that would normally ruin an item. It can also be used to block normally unblockable attacks such as ‘Enchanted’ Elemental Manipulation or Enchanted attacks by calling 'Enchanted Block' up to Four times per Day. After it has been used to block any such enchanted attacks four times it becomes badly damaged and needs to be repaired in a Forge Master’s workshop. If it is used whilst in this state, the shield will break beyond repair.

Level Five: Greater Stone Constitution: The Hearth Guard gains +5 Hits to all Locations.

The Gornang may also learn The Way of the Firefly.

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