The Gornang High King

The Gornang High King is the leader of the Champion Race of Fire, ruling from the central kingdom of Gorninghast, as chosen by ancient law's of succession by the clan King's and the Elders of the Gornang people. The King is normally identified by the ancient armour that symbolizes the ancient strength of Gornang Blood and Craftsmanship, being mithril forged Arm and Leg Greaves, rounded off by a leather jerkin normally forged at the coronation to reflect the origins of the King.

with the death of the old high king of the gornang, Torrygg Faith-Guard, the gornang peoples found themselves in great political struggle, leaderless and lost, they sent the light company to find the ancestral scroll of rites, an ancient scroll determining the next gornang monarch, the scroll named high queen Tera faith guard as the monarch of the gornang people, her reign was short, ending in the final battles of the sum of all thing as she fell along side most of the clan of faith guard.
in her death, her nephew the boy king tannigh faith-guard took up the throne to lead the gornang people into a new age of prosperity in the age of dragons…

Armour Mechanics:

Arm Greaves: Master-Crafted Mithril that protects as Plate Mail, providing +5 Hits to Arms, and allowing the wearer to ignore Mundane 'Singles', 'Doubles' and 'Triples'.

Leg Greaves: Master-Crafted Mithril that protects as Plate Mail, providing +5 Hits to Legs, and allowing the wearer to ignore Mundane 'Singles', 'Doubles' and 'Triples'.

Leather Jerkin: This is always Master-Crafted Studded-Leather Armour forged specifically for the ruling monarch at the time, giving +3 Hits to the torso.

The Crown of the High King: This is always an item forged specifically for the ruling monarch of the time, forged by the leading Forge-Master of each of the Gornang Clans to symbolize the unity of the Gornang people. It is always a Master-Crafted Item that provides +5 Hits, and allows the monarch to ignore mundane 'Singles', Doubles' and 'Triples'.

The armour was forged many centuries ago by the elite members of the Guild of Forge-Masters, putting a valuable price on the armour that would break many small nations across Urutau. All Gornang can inherently identify and recognise the symbolic armour for what it truly is and would question very seriously it being in the possession of any but the most respected members of the Gornang people.

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