The Ha Marr Guild Of Shadows

Original concept by Robin Grant, edited by Trevor Halliday.


- Lore: Ha' Marr (5).
- Lore: Ha' Marr Shadowmarks (2).
- Surviving Initiation…

Level One: Poison Immunities: The Character is Immune to all Mundane Poisons.

Level Two: Impossible Movement: Twice per Event, the Character may traverse up to 10 meters as though there was a walkway for them to use or that they may leap without danger of harm.

Level Three: I am the Night: In darkness, providing the Character remains still and hidden, they are considered to have Divine Stealth. If (in darkness) the Character moves, their Stealth is restricted to Enchanted Stealth. In daylight they gain only +3 to Mundane Stealth.

Level Four: Deflections: Fast and Difficult to hit, the Shadow may deflect any four blows that hit them, calling 'No Effect' versus four attacks Four times per Day.

Level Five: Smoke and Mirrors: Five Times per Event, a Shadow may avoid combat and call 'Fair Escape'. All five uses may be used to return directly to the Guild House invoking arcane means - the Character must have all five uses still available to employ this.

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