The Hammer Bearer

The Hammer Bearer is the ultimate Paladin, chosen to lead the fight against the Void.


1: Completion of a Plot-Related Quest to ascend to the title, failure of which will mean death by disintegration, by Lord Arios.
2: Shield-Bearer (5).

Level One: Lords and Ladies forgive Me: Standing in the gaze of True Divine power, the Hammer Bearer is cleansed and absolved of all sins, renewed, reforged and sent out to do the work of the Elemental Union - while this is story and concept building, mechanically the character gains 1 Fate Point.

Level Two: My Strength swells from your Trust: The Hammer-Bearer gains x2 per event Divine 'No Effects' versus anything that would impede the goals of the character.

Level Three: For I am the Hammer: Three times per event the Hammer-Bearer can invoke the retribution of Lord Arios upon a target, or once per event upon a moderately sized area, disintegrating all Void Taint therein (1 Bodily location per Void Point is disintergrated in a target).

Level Four: Lo! I strike without Fear: The Hammer Bearer is immune to Void-Taint or gaining Void-Taint - though Lord Arios watches… a careless, power drunk Hammer Bearer will be brought to heel if the power is abused, usually by disintegration by Lord Arios.

Level Five: Lord and Ladies release Me: This is a plot use level of skill, undefined on purpose.

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