The Harpies

Harpies are small independent clusters of Nimorians driven wild by their curse and embraced by the Void to try and draw more of the Elemental Union to death upon the high seas of Urutau.

Level One: Weakness Corrupted: Male Nimorians turned to the Void become fertile and jealous of any attention to the Harpies within their clusters - and vice versa, the female will jealously guard their breeding partners.

Level Two: Siren Song: Twice per day the Harpy can call out to a target and compel them to approach them, which cannot be resisted by mundane means unless the target has 'Cool'. The target does not know why they are compelled, other than they feel they must attend the call (they will not put themselves in harms way for the sake of the calling).

Level Three: Seashell Skin: The skin of the Harpy toughens and adds +3 Hits to all Locations.

Level Four: Siren Scorn: A scream may be emitted four times per day to cause Knock-Back to targets within vocal range - other Harpies are immune to the effects of the Scorn.

Level Five: Paralysis Touch: +5 Times per day, the touch of the Harpy can paralyse a target so that they have no control over their body, the target being locked within their immobile frame for five minutes while the Harpy does what it will with its victim.

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