The High King Of The Queldi

The High King of the Queldi is a near mythological leader of the people, born from royal blood of whose line are perhaps the only power capable of truly uniting the tribes into one cohesive force. Without the blood of the line, or the endorsement of the Druids, no war leader can truly hope to aspire to such a position and stay there long or without challenge from rival Queldi leaders.

This is currently the situation Quelas finds itself in, overthrown by the Wrotan Empire they are divided and the Druids retreated into the Great Forest of Quelas, protected from the invaders by great wards.

Hope was sprung just a few years ago when Lorican was rallying the people in the south, having gained the endorsement of the Druids and claimed the crown of the High King, assisted in his duties by Little Green, but even as he begun to lead his successful campaign in the south, even as the Queldi people knew hope, something claimed him and hope was lost.

Then the Empire marched on Quelas.

Rumour suggested two heirs remained, both female - and this was confirmed when the sisters clashed, one forged a new, more violent, deceptive path - this was Tiamey. Opposing her, with allies from among the Elemental Union, and who sought out the Druids, was Nia. After a long campaign, Nia won and became the new High Queen of Quelas, and now moves to secure the land and its people in unity.

Yet Tiamey still lives…

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