The Hobgoblins

The Void has managed to reach in to the hearts of the Korrigan and found darkness to exploit and is touch corruption of the flesh and twisting of what is generally a good natured race. Inane babbling and what seems pointless direction guide the way in which a Hobgoblin moves and acts - making any who have seen one to think they are in fact insane.

Level One: Twisted Bones: The Hobgoblin gains +1 Hits to all Locations.

Level Two: Twisted Flesh: The Hobgoblin gains +2 Hits to all Locations.

Level Three: Twisted Blood: Three times per day the blood of the Hobgoblin can be used as any type of material component for Hobgoblin Alchemy - if the blood is harvested by Alchemists to be used, its use is always completely random in its outcome, making it an unstable component.

Level Four: Twisted Minds: The Hobgoblin gains +4 Mundane dodges per day.

Level Five: Twisted Heart: By taking prisoners, over the course of five days, by concocting this alchemical brew known only to the Hobgoblins, the Hobgoblin can force feed a victim into drinking pure Void Taint - so a loyal member of the Elemental Union could be turn corrupt over the course of five days.

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