The Hunting Wood

The Great Hunting Wood of Lyrzeria is a harsh place to survive and endure. That the House of Dyrncnyzyr had made a home here is no mean feat to be underestimated!

Year One: The Age of Dragons: Abandonment:

1: The Dracosylph abandoned the Great Hunting Woods due to low numbers and a call to arms to gather at the Great Spire of the Seers.

2: With the Frost Clan taking refuge somewhere in Lyrzeria, they wasted no time in calling to them the Echo Wraiths, who have now vanished from the Great Hunting Woods.

Year Two: The Age of Dragons: New Life:


In the Second Year of the Age of Dragons, Lizroul coordinated with Trucido, Irah and some Men of the Mountains to establish a small settlement in the frozen woodlands.

In the words of one Hunter:

'In the lands of Lyrzeria, the cold unforgiving plains of ice and razor snow, there stands the great hunting woods; the Borderlands of the Hunting woods are a fine plume of mist and a constant swirling of cold ice which if not prepared for will burn and cut the flesh from your very bone as the temperatures in most of Lyrzeria will kill you without question.

'The tree’s somehow grow from the ice breaking through the glacial masses, they grow trying to be held back by the punishing cold the tree’s striving to breach the mists that blanket the region, and to those tree’s that have made the journey above the mists have seen to reward the land it’s only growth and vegetation of any sort.

'Creating a green area where the heat that touch’s those tree that make it past the mists to Lord Helios provides enough heat to bring green that sits below the mists. All Dracosylph believe that these tree’s are sacred they represent strength and purpose striving to grow as tall as they can be through an impossible environment creating the perfect balance where ice flows through the great streams of the woods breaking up just enough to allow it’s inhabitants to forage and live in harmony.

'House Dyrncnyzyr were the first to lay claim to the Great Hunting Wood, understanding it’s balance between life and cold death of the nights and days with the realm, they were the first to hunt what the house call Echo Wraiths, a prey that are between worlds they say of the living and the dead, members of the house have a great knowledge of how to hunt and send these creatures to the beyond and kill the living side of these creatures.

The Wraiths are apex hunters, they were given the name Echo because they know your mind, read you thoughts and use the echo’s of your past to lure and distract you from the hunt at hand, the wraiths will draw you into one of many deadly areas of the hunting woods using the cold razor winds, the breaches from the great tree’s which can bring you too fall to the very centre of the world itself. Wraiths refer to the great tree’s, the wraiths are said to have hatched from the first emergence of the great tree’s which have roots without end as underground caverns in Lyrzeria and show the tree’s roots as seen to be without end - but the wraiths seem to only emerge within the woods themselves, as if they travel, the life blood of the tree’s emerging from the world of the dead itself it is rumored.

'No Dracosylph can tell you what a wraith looks like only that they fear the mists high above because it reveals their true selves and for that they stay away from where the house predominantly always live.

'The Dracosylph that live here know that the only safe place within the great woods is the mists which are a thick layer of cold where the higher you go the more Lord Helios shines, it is here the house lives - villages and rope bridges that move from great tree to great tree.
Huts and houses carved into the tree’s themselves by the first Dracosylph with nothing but their claws and time on their side, in the houses time the tradition of the hunt is legendary with a great many of the house’s becoming advanced scouts and hunters, going to the Savage Mountains to live and shepherd another kind of prey which prove challenging for the house and a challenge they crave and live for.

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