The Irricente

The Irricente are a Queldi tribe that lives in the northern parts of Quelas; they have for a long while been influenced by and under the control of the Wrotan people. They have long since abandoned the true Queldi way of life as honoured by druidic guidance and were fairly easily brought to heel once the Wrotan Republic was dissolved and the Empire founded.

What the future holds for them now that the land has a new monarch, and the druids returning to the peoples, remains to be seen.

With the return of the Druids, the Irrecente are more split between those supporting the Druids, and those a part of the Wrotan Republic. The sacrifice of the old Penn-Thane and Arch-Druid Trahern has led to incredibly fertile lands with trade of high quality crops to the rest of Quelas, and to the Wrotan Republic.

Duke Game Play mechanics:

Economy: Average.
Military: Low.
Technology: Average.
Magic: Low.
Population: Low.

Notes: Their military forces are low owing to the numbers who were enlisted into the Wrotan Republic, and the costs of attrition to the region.

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