The Kingdom Of Water

The Kingdom of Water is an ambitious plan forged by King Everyl Telluwyn and his advisors, in an attempt to not only unite the warring Morigena and Fomori Houses, but also includes the Nimorian Kingdom, and perhaps even Taris and the Angmori Colonies.

The basis of this Kingdom rested upon the marriage of the King to Lady Alyra Tremaine, daughter of Duchess Elyss Tremaine.

The Crown now rules from the island of Golgotha, following the death of King Everyl Telluwyn, and the disappearance of Queen Alyra, along with the Sceptre of the Phoenix.

Political Organisation: Monarchy, currently overseen by a Regent.

Rulers: House Telluwyn.

Administrative Organisation: The various parts of the Kingdom are to be run by their incumbent Duke's and Duchesses:

Hrivemir: Duke Rana Dae.
The Nimorian Kingdom: Duchesses of Houses Una, Thalassa and Maryssa.
The Fomori Islands: Ruled directly by the Crown.

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