The Korrigan

The Korrigan are the dwarves of the Earth, a genial folk who love little more than to be left alone and to enjoy life. They form a part of the Wrotan Empire primarily as they are a race who are easily overthrown. Their home of Korrigania forms an important strategic position and has a Wrotan Fortress City in its southern regions.


History: If the Queldi suffered horribly when the Age of Void came, it was nothing compared to the Korrigan who suffered far worse cruelties. It was in Korrigania that the Void launched their world domination, easily subduing this warm and friendly race. Those that survived the initial occupation of the Void resolved to fight back and through their close alliance to the Queldi, and sanctuary in Quelas were able to survive and do so.

When the Age of Fire began, the Korrigan were able to fully reclaim their lands and rebuild their former lives. They maintained their closeness to the Queldi and enjoy friendship with the Were-Urgo also, with Korrigania being the only land through which the Wild Kingdom may be reached. When the Queldi joined the Wrotan Republic, the Korrigan also agreed and this caused resentment and mistrust with the Fey-Tir, whose kingdom of Larrasu may also only be reached by land through Korrigania.

Physical Characteristics: The Korrigan dress simply in fashions similar to but exceeding to the Queldi, elders favour long great beards but this is not as common among the younger kin. In war they will wear leathers and furs and more notable warriors and nobles will wear chain mail if it is available, especially if they have close contact with Wrotan representatives in their lands. The Korrigan have pointed ears similar to the elves and possess a brownish hue to their skin much like the Fey-Tir, they are a mortal race with a life span slightly greater to the race of man - an elder may live to see one hundred and fifty years if their life is good.

Culture: This Dwarven race of the earth are a rural people living in open communities following a clan structure, the localised region or clan holding being under the guidance and leadership of a Penn-Thane or Thane; The Thane is supported by a household of Leth-Thanes and respected elders. Many Queldi have over time integrated themselves with the Korrigan and are firm friends with any magical influence on the Korrigan coming from the Queldi Druids. This is a mutually beneficial alliance as in return the Korrigan share freely with the Queldi their much renowned Ales, their love of cooking, eating and gardening. The Korrigan are gentle for the greater part of the time and have an outstanding record when it comes to resistance towards the influence and deviousness of the Void, they can appear simple but only a fool is deceived by their nature as the Korrigan are durable warriors with the one notable dwarven trait – Stubbornness. They will defend their lands to the last and do not like to see others suffer either; they are firm supporters and servants of the Wrotan Republic and accept their place in the scheme of things.

Racial Advantage: Korrigan are a durable folk and thus they get +1 Hits to all Locations. Also, while they are susceptible to the corruption of the Void, they have a nature about them that allows them to shrug off its effects quicker. Void influence is halved in effect and time, though it still has to be cleansed at full cost. Racial Skills include ‘The Brewer’, ‘The Farmer’, ‘Natures Child’ and ‘The Rambler’, there are also a number of Korrigan Bloodlines, which are all listed below.

Racial Disadvantage: Korrigan do not understand or have the capacity to learn magic, and may never become Magically Active through the expenditure of Experience Points either.

Notes: The Korrigan are somewhere between rural dwarves and humans but mixed with a heavy case of hobbitnish - they are not simpletons, but good humoured, friendly, loyal and enjoyable company; they are for the most part short in stature, but this is not a hard and fast rule.

Skill Lists

The Brewer: If the Korrigan have a love for the land and nature, Beers and Ales are a very close second, making the Brewer an important centre of Korrigan
society and culture.

Level One: Brewers Lore: Equal to the level that the player has in this skill list, this skill represents the Korrigan’s natural understanding of the nature of making Beers and Ales.

Level Two: Toxin Resistance: All Harmful Mundane Toxins & Poisons only do half effect against the Korrigan with this ability, they get full benefits from Potions intended to aid them.

Level Three: Fortitude: The Korrigan gains +3 Hits to all Locations.

Level Four: Toxin Immunity: The Brewer is Immune to all Mundane Toxins and Poisons.

Level Five: Heavenly Brew: Combining secret Korrigan lore and Mundane Brewing Skills, the Brewer is capable of making one truly, remarkable ale. This ‘Enchanted Healing Ale’ fully restores all lost hits to the drinker of the full pint of Korrigan Heavenly Brew Ale. The Brew takes one month to make and should be noted with the Alchemy Referee as to its ready date and quantity. This must be physically represented at events with proper ale and must be fully drunk to receive the benefits of the ale. (Why else be a Brewer for a start?)

The Farmer: The Korrigan have a natural affinity for the land and the working of it to grow abundant crops and enjoy bountiful harvests, and it is not unnatural for many of the race to follow this peaceful profession and enjoy a special respect in Korrigan society.

Level One: Nature's Lore: Equal to the level that the player has in this skill list this skill represents the Korrigan’s natural understanding of the natural environment about them.

Level Two: Strength of the Land: Hardy and resilient, Korrigan Farmers gain +2 Hits to all locations.

Level Three: Natural Earth Manipulation: The Farmer has the ability to manipulate the earth as a ‘Divine Natural Ability’, bestowed upon them by Lady Gaia to provide for the Korrigan people.

Level Four: Forager's Senses: Even if lacking the appropriate Forage Skill, if the character is in an area with forage items, they may make up to four tests per day to see if they can successfully retrieve up to four forage items. The Korrigan character must win the test to find the item and retrieve it. If the test fails, the player has used up one of their four tests.

Level Five: Master Cultivator: If the Natural Earth Manipulation is not enough of a gift to bestow upon the Farmer, this skill allows the character to make any natural item, be it foraging or, food stuffs last five times as long. For example a forage item that provides one dose of 'x' ingredient can actually be cultivated and used five times instead. One standard meal will feed five people etc.

Nature's Child: this racial skill list represents a Korrigan at the very heart of its soul, and culture.

Level One: Aptitude of Missiles: +1 to one Missile Skill.

Level Two: Laughter is the Best Medicine: x2 Times per Event, the Korrigan and their positive humour and genuine capacity for the love of life can negate a Void Point in another target.

Level Three: Clay of the Earth: The Korrigan gains +3 Hits to All Locations.

Level Four: Slip Away: The Korrigan gains +2 to Stealth and +2 Dodges per Day.

Level Five: Burglar Material: The Korrigan gains +1 to Rogue, +2 to Thief and +2 Dodges per Day versus Enchanted Attacks.

The Rambler: The Korrigan and their love of nature occasionally provides a few wandering types that might be called a ranger in other societies, but to the Korrigan they are simply known as 'Ramblers', probably owing to the casual enjoyment that the Korrigan take from wandering through the woods and green ways of the land.

Level One: Path Lore: The Korrigan player can determine where a path they find will lead and if danger lay ahead by winning a simple test with a referee at the start of the path they find.

Level Two: Strength of the Earth: The Korrigan gains +2 Hits to all Locations.

Level Three: Natures Ear: The Rambler may, three times per day, listen to the land talking and gain insight or information about a location they are standing in or in proximity to, as though the land were speaking directly to the character.

Level Four: Animal Ken: Like Natures Ear, the Rambler may pick up ‘vibes’ and information from their surroundings by listening or watching the local wildlife. They may do this up to four times per day by winning a simple test .Animal Ken may be used four times per day to use either taming or listening.

Level Five: Master Tracker: The Rambler is a Master Tracker and may retest any failed tracking up to five times per day through the use of this skill and their Tracking ability as they gain +5 to their Mundane Tracking Skill for five minutes.

Korrigan Bloodlines:

The Brownlocks: Noticeable for their heads of brown, wavy hair that reflects their vigour, they gets +1 Hits per Location. Due to their common ancestry and frequency in which they may be found in Korrigania, they must spend x2 Costs for any form on the following Social Status: Nobility or High Nobility.

The Greenfingers: Natural skilled at gardening, they gain +1 to their Forage Level. Due to their rustic nature, the Greenfingers struggle with skills from the Halls of Knowledge, and pay +1 Experience Points for any skills purchased from that category.

The Greyhairs: Some say they are old before their time, or have wisdom unnatural to their years, they gain +1 Free Point at Character Creation, but they must also buy Lore: Korrigan (3).

The Blackbeards: They possess an aptitude for sneaking around and the discovery of secrets, they gain +1 Stealth but gain a +1 Penalty to the cost for buying off Void Points.

The Palehands: They possess an aptitude for thievery and the collection of acquired goods that are in need of liberation, they gain +1 Thief, but lose the natural Korrigan bonus of +1 Hits to All Locations.

The Brightsmiles: Jovial, merry folk and skilled at hiding their true feelings, they gain +1 Deception, unless they get visibly angry, in which case they cannot use Deception at all.

The Greeneyes: Korrigan's more skilled hunters and ramblers, they gain +1 Tracking.

The Bluetongues: Possessing a knack for all things alchemical and the like (Poisons as well), they gain a Once per Event ability to call 'No Effect' versus a Mundane Poison, or it may be used as a 'Resist Poison' versus 'Enchanted Poisons'. Their limit for potion is reduced from x5 Same Type Potions, to x4 Same Type Potions.

The Silverfeet: Nimble, agile, speedy, they gain +1 Mundane Dodges per Event.

The Thistle-Britches: They have a knack for the old tales and the spinning of yarns to be enjoyed by the fireside, or within a good inn. But they also like to pass on their wisdom through their tales, and you had better listen, otherwise they get angry and irate and suffer 1 Global Hit Point in damage as they blow a blood vessel in irritation!

Level One: Lore - Legends of the Korrigan: Increases with the skill list.

Level Two: The Tale of Calming: The tale calms listeners versus all inflicted Mundane Mind Effects that they are suffering as the Korrigan speaks softly, but tells a heart warming story to drive back the effects.

Level Three: The Tale of Courage: The Korrigan retells a tale of epic proportions of courage and brave derring-do, so that Listeners become Immune to Mundane Mind Effects for the next three hours.

Level Four: The Tale of Humour: Light-hearted, almost blaise, the Korrigan can speak simply, yet earnestly in such a fashion that even the wise might stop to listen and be eased from the telling of such a tale, for in its telling, it negates the effects of the Void, and those under its influence find themselves more in control of their own actions (cancels the duration of time under the influence of the Void).

Level Five: The Tale of Wisdom: The Korrigan has seen and done many things, and not only likes to talk about it, but to share their wisdom with others of their race who may seem less fortunate not to have had the same experiences, as such the tale of wisdom allows for a Korrigan to pass on their wisdom (their own earned Experience Points) to Korrigan listeners who receive the given Experience Points to spend on the lesson that has been given by the teller of the tale - often whether they want to or not!

The Korrigan may also learn The Way of the Unicorn.

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