The Lair

The Lair is a little known of place, high in the peaks of the Savage Mountains, in the territories of the Eastern Packs of the Werewolves. It is home to a sizeable colony of Were-Urgo Catkin, who are not of an agreeable disposition to anyone other than themselves.

They have been responsible for the waylaying of individuals for many years, wandering down from the lair to cause problems for any who they chance upon; their most recent high profile kidnapping (early 914 of the Age of Fire) was the Dracosylph, Yngryd, who was sold on to Fomori Slavers who transported the Dracosylph to Nor-Cavallel. In previous years, they did kidnap a fellow Were-Urgo Catkin from the Light Company, known as 'Domi', chosen it seems, to be a plaything for the leader of the pack and his mate.


Knowledge on the numbers of the Catkin here is mere speculation, after her rescue, Domi could not clarify such, or give names that made any sense to the members of the Light Company. Praise it seems, and tribute is offered to Lady Phoebe, though if the pack here have been able to overcome the weakness of their race and learned how to access magic is again, speculation. Recent encounters suggest they are as interested in mercenary work and payment as much as any nefarious enterprise that might fall at their doorstep…

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