The Lanista

The Lanister is the owner of a Gladiatorial School of Combat, someone with wealth or skill who has built a reputation for finding employees (or slaves) and turning them into efficient killing machines for the pleasure of those who take enjoyment from seeing such blood sport.

Two races favour this skill list, the Fomori and the Wrotan, though any race may consider this profession.

Level One: Resources: The Lanista has a starting fund established to enable them to begin the building of the Ludus Gladiatorius. Buying this Skill Level costs Five Experience Points, plus 3 Gold, which purchases the Ludus (a Hall and Sleeping Quarters for the Lanista and the Gladiators), plus a training yard that is owned by the Lanista.

Level Two: Doktare Slave: Through searching and acquirement the Lanista has the prime slave for the working of the the Gladiator School, ‘The the Doktare’, the Weapons Master and disciplinarian that keeps the Gladiators in check. Buying this level skill costs Five Experience Points and 15 Gold if the Doktare is a named NPC, the Lanista may role play searching for a cheaper, less skilled option with a Referee, or a Player Character may perform the role.

Level Three: Slaves: The Lanista has three Slaves or Professional Gladiators of Fighting Worth. These should be created as starting characters, from any race and have access to the Gladiator or Professional Gladiator Skill List. The cost for purchasing this level of the skill list is Ten Experience Points and 15 Gold, Gladiators of lesser worth can be negotiated through role play with a Referee, or the positions filled by Player Characters.

Level Four: Steel Will: The Lanista is Immune to any and all forms of Mundane Mind Effects as though they were 'Cool', though they remain subject to any forms of Enchanted Mind Effects used upon them.

Level Five: Arena Champion: An NPC under the ownership of the Lanista who is a skilled and honoured favourite in the Arena, possessed of stats that go beyond the standard character creation rules of the NPC's of Level Three of this skill list. Buying this skill level costs Twenty Experience Points and a sum of gold subject to negotiation on the Arena Champion through role play and negotiation with a Referee. Earnings of the Ludus should be mediated with the Trade Referee and role-played.

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