The Legacy Of Echoes

The Legacy of Echoes is a revered location with the halls of the White Dragon Clan of the Fey-Sirona upon the floating city of Menyel-Tiriona, wherein are stored orbs that contain the memories and thought patterns of many of the greatest Fey-Sirona to have lived in the past of Urutau.

These memories may be accessed to learn lore or skills that that are lost among the living, for those with the access to the legacy; many orbs were lost in the destruction of the floating city in the year 911 of the Age of Fire when the city crashed in northern Khayeim. What orbs could be saved were, and there is quiet speculation that the Agents of the Void might even have claimed some in the wake of the destruction and mass exodus to escape the wrath of the Black Dragons.

Regardless of rumour and hearsay, with the rebuilding of the city, the Legacy was reinstalled and the orbs that were saved, once more in their rightful place.

Locational Advantage: The chance to ream plot, or aid in the learning of skills, the Legacy of Echoes, if used to learn skills provides a -2XP cost.

Locational Disadvantage: Access requires visiting the floating city, and requesting permission to enter, as well as then trying to find exactly what you are after. Either way, expect role-play.

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